Exchange Online PowerShell V3 Module General Availability
Published Sep 20 2022 06:56 AM 251K Views

The Exchange Online PowerShell v3 module (the v3 module) is now Generally Available. The v3 module has all REST-based cmdlets and it enables the use of Exchange Online cmdlets via REST API calls. It also supports modern authentication.

The v3 module is an upgrade to the v2 module, which had Remote PowerShell (RPS)-based cmdlets and 9 REST-based cmdlets. The v3 module was previously in public preview as v2.0.x, so if you tried the preview version, you’ll find the v3 module familiar.

Key Advantages of v3 Module

The v3 module has several advantages over earlier modules that use RPS-based cmdlets. It is more secure, more reliable, and more performant.

  • More secure - REST API cmdlets support modern authentication, so admins can turn off WinRM basic auth on their client machines.
  • More reliable - REST API cmdlets handle transient failures with built-in retries. This minimizes failures due to network delays or longer query execution times.
  • More performant - The connection establishment improves performance as it avoids setting up a PowerShell run space on the service.

The v3 module also uses the same signatures as the RPS cmdlets. This means you don’t need to make changes to any scripts that use these cmdlets.

Check out the v3 module and let us know what you think!

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