Exchange On-Premises TAP accepting nominations (again)

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It has been almost exactly two years now that we had a post about our Exchange On-Premises TAP program and how you can (and why you would want to) nominate yourself for the program.

Well, the time is right again, and we would like to re-invite you to apply and we will consider you for the program.

Please head over to the original post (and follow the process outlined there) to apply. Thank you for your interest!

Exchange On-Premises TAP Program accepting nominations

David Espinoza

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With Exchange Server (On-Premises) TAP, Microsoft is showing continues commitment to Exchange Server (On-Premises) software and that is very good for Exchange Server (On-Premises) Customers world-wide.

One of the benefits is access to Exchange Server product team and support.

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Whoa whoa whoa, everybody slowdown. First to Paul Newell, yes, I did read this blog. I'm well aware what is provided by joining the TAP. My concern is the build quality; we've seen issues with CU's of questionable quality getting out the door, I'm leery

of full new builds rapid fire released. Microsoft says they're production quality builds, I'm just saying I would want to hear from others who had experience before I signed up.

To Fernando Yopolo, I happen to agree with you and out business will never migrate to the cloud for e-mail as long as there are on-prem solutions because we don't want our e-mail stored in the cloud.

So I guess to sum it all up, I would like to hear from real TAP participants on their experiences before I threw my name in the ring. That's all I am saying.

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DavidR1 & billroland. Cluod is fashion. It's cool. However... small companies uses Action Pack licences as they're very cheap compared with a VLK ones. So yes... On-Prem is still alive and very active. Even more... no matter how many cloud consultants

you have around, CEOs doesn't fully trust on cloud security as not every company can upload sensitive material to the net.

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David & Bill,

Did you guys read the previous blog written by David? The long & short is that if you're willing to be on the pre-bleeding edge you get exclusive access to the Exchange product team, free support, and the ability to help shape the product moving forward. More

so than just talking about what you'd like to see happen on a blog post or in a TechNet forum post.

Additionally, if you're using Office 365 you're already using some of the new/yet-to-be-deployed-to-on-prem features and functionality, anyway.

But you're right - it's not for everyone. There are risks, but honestly, this is a very unique opportunity to make your voice heard and be supported for it.

I'd make a case for it with my upper-management if we weren't in the middle of a number of numerous transitions and consolidations at the moment. Just no time to give it the attention it would absolutely require.

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I'm looking to be corrected here so please feel free. I was on the Exchange 2000 JDP while an employee of a company with 80K mailboxes and the entire process was wonderful and exciting. We really looked forward to the benefits of staying ahead with technology.

Exchange on-premises today has become very terrifying territory that only consultants get excited about now. I don't know any company which uses Exchange as a resource (not Exchange dev companies) that would willingly risk their production data on these kind

of programs anymore. I'm actually curious about how a company could justify the benefits against the cost (since updates and rollbacks are much more involved) and risks for testing in a production environment. Many managers for mid-size companies (<1K employees)

that I've worked with in the past couple of years are pushing for the cloud rather than to trust a consulting firm and evaluating skilled Exchange engineering staff. Microsoft is currently competing two different technologies against each other and one side

is obviously losing.

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I'm afraid I have to agree with DavidR1, I would love to be in the TAP program but I'd need some reassurance about the build quality before I even thought about it.
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Very good program. It is a pleasure to work with this team. :)
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I went through the online form last week to sign-up for Exchange TAP program. How long will it take to get a response?


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I'm The Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead from Colombia, my passion is about Exchange server, and I Would like to be part of this Adoption program.


Fabian Campo.

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