Exchange 2010 Release Candidate - The technical details you need to know!

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(Edit: 8/28/2009 -- Take another look-We've updated the link to the Exchange 2010 technical content. In this new location, you can now browse the Table of Contents, and F1 Help links in the RC1 build will function as expected.")

By now, you've heard that Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate is feature complete and available for download. I wanted to highlight a few key tools that you have been asking for and some that you might not be aware about.

To help you get the most out of this version and help you get started in your evaluation of Exchange Server 2010, we're releasing the following complementary tools along with Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate.

  • Exchange Web Services Managed API (EwsAPI) - Looking to develop or migrate your current Exchange applications? See the new improvements to the interface for developing client applications that use Exchange Web Services. Download the API from here.
  • Management Pack for Exchange Server 2010 (SCOM MP) - The Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 management pack is designed for monitoring Exchange Server 2010 events, collecting Exchange component-specific performance counters in one central location, and for raising alerts for operator intervention as necessary. You will need System Center Operations Manager 2007 SP1 or System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 to run and monitor Exchange Server 2010 with this management pack.
  • Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer - This tool enables you to test client connectivity and inbound email scenarios beforehand. Access this tool from here.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server JetStress Tool for Exchange Server 2010 - This tool helps administrators verify the performance and stability of the disk subsystem before putting Exchange Server in a production environment.
  • Microsoft Exchange Load Generator (LoadGen) for Exchange Server 2010 - This is a simulation tool to measure the impact of MAPI, OWA, IMAP, POP and SMTP clients on Exchange servers and it has been optimized for the newest version of the product.

For customers who tried downloading earlier, but were unable to, know that this has been resolved. You can download the Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate from here.

Technical content on the Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate can be found here.

Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate video can be viewed here.

Hope this was useful!

~Rafael Reyes

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We are planning to implement Exchange Active Sync protocol for a few non-windows operating systems (devices). Can somebody provide information about who should we contact at microsoft to start with.  

We need some information to decide feasibility of such product:

1. do we need license during development

2. what kind of help/support (mainly technical) is available from microsoft during development, with what fees/charges?

3. what licences/ip is required for sale of such a product

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Hi Raf,

Is there any version of the Exchange 2010 documentation available as there was for Exchange 2007?

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Can the 2010 RC be installed on a Win 2008 running EX2007 with Forefront 2007 R2 ?
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Sean, you can find documentation for the RC at

Stefan, Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007 cannot co-exist on the same server, and there is no in-place upgrade from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.
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Please provide the link for Jetstress and LoadGen tools. I am unable to find them in TechNet.

Thanks a lot.
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Can we get "Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer" as a standalone tool?
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I'm still having difficulties getting to the RC download; yesterday it took me to the Marketplace, today I receive an internal server error (500).
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"...there is no in-place upgrade from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010."  Why ever not?  That made sense going from 2003 to 2007 because of the transition from x86 to x64 architecture and the vast difference between the versions.  Exchange 2010 doesn't sound like it will be that different from 2007.  In my mind it was analogous to upgrading from Exchange 2000 to 2003.  

The loud thud you just heard was my plans for being an early adopter hitting the inside of the recycle bin.  
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Scott, I just tried downloading and it worked.  Can you please try one more time?

Romosapien, Exchange 2010 is very different from Exchange 2007 in many, many respects.  Have a look at for details about what's new.  Be sure to copy/paste the link, as the parenthesis break the link in these comments.  Some of the differences include significant changes to the information store schema, and these changes effectively eliminate the possibility of in-place upgrade (because databases cannot be upgraded in-place to the new schema format).
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any idea when the documentation on technet will be updated?  many of the commands seem to have new syntax in the RC, so the current beta docs are kinda useless...
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Pesos, please the updated documentation at Be sure to copy the entire URL, as the () break the hyperlink in these comments.  If you do end up on Beta content, replace the EXCHG.140 (which is for the Beta) with EXCHG.149 (which is for the RC).
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cool thanks!
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Can anyone point me where I should ask the question that I asked here:-), seems this is not at all the ight place to ask that question.
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Thanks Rafel,
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Just to answer about the availability of some of the tools mentioned here. The SCOM MP for Exchange 2010 RC will be live tomorrow, and JetStress and LoadGen will be out in the next few days. I'll post the download links here as they go live in the download center.

Paul Bowden
Release Manager
Exchange Server
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This might not be quite the right place to ask, but hopefully somebody will point me in the right direction...
Downloaded and installed Exchange 2010 RC to have a look at the archiving. Have successfuly enabled archiving for a mailbox, and can see this on OWA, but cannot see the archive in Outlook 2007 (and I am presuming 2003).
Is there a way to enable this (hotfix, Office Service Pack? ).
As Outlook 2010 is not slated for release until 1st half next year, and Exchange 2010 will be end of this year, thats going to be an interesting sales pitch, let alone the actual upgrade..

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Cool Rafa, excellent information!.

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What's the status on Exchange 2007 SP2. In a previous Exchange 2010 post there was a remark that it would be early this week.
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A bit for disappointment for Exchagne 2010 RC. I was able to install Exchange Hub and CAS on 2008R2-Core, if not mailbox. But for 2010RC i am not even able to install Hub or CAS. In the middle of installation of Hub Role it say something like object reference not set. ( I know that neither scenairio is supported ) but atleast it was doable and working properly.
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Hi Team,

I have virtual lab, Which is consist of following setup:
1) Windows Server 2003 R2 with sp2 - DC&GC
2) HUB-CAS => Exchange 2007 with sp2 on Win2k8
3) MBX1 - CCR Mailbox
4) MBX2 - CCR Mailbox (Passive Node)

Now when i try to install Exchange 2010 RC on the existing environment - it is notifying that Exchange 2007 is existing not supported..
Any clue whether RC will support Exchange 2007 in the environment
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How to change PublicFolders permissions ?
We have over 20.000 heavily used PublicFolders.
Powershell is not suitable for that !
Can we used the old Ex2003 MMC for that ?
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