Exchange 2003 ESM for Windows Vista released

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Just wanted to drop a quick note that we have now released a version of Exchange 2003 Exchange System Manager (ESM) that runs on Windows Vista. this has been a frequent request so - now it is here!

You can download the package and related release notes here:

- Nino Bilic

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from the Readme:
Installing Exchange System Manager on the same computer as Microsoft Office Outlook is not supported

Who would want to do something crazy like use Vista, and manage an exchange server and have outlook installed on that workstation...
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I was ALMOST excited.. right until the point it said you cannot install this on a computer that is also running Outlook.  Wahoo, so if I needed a separate computer to run the tools why not just run XP.  For that matter, why not just run XP and never install Vista.  This does not ENCOURAGE me to use Vista, it does the exact opposite.
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This is nice, but it won't let you install it requires the Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 install. Unfortunately, you can't install this if you're running any version of Outlook on the machine. Almost had it. Guess it's back to Remote Desktop sessions into the Exchange 2003 server for me.

As a system / network administrator of Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 for a small area, this has been one headache for me about deciding to implement a Vista machine for my office use. Difficult to get the client management installations of server applications to install and run. Yes, I can go into a remote session, but sometimes, it's just easier to open a direct app on your personal desktop to manage the same functionality.
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Thanks for all the comments!

To be fair though - the inability to run Exchange ESM and Outlook on the same machine is nothing new. The problem is that Exchange 2003 ESM requires MAPI and Outlook also has it's own MAPI DLLs which are all different and mixing those up can and will create issues.

Only with Exchange 2007 this goes away.
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Will this run on a 2008 terminal server? I have wanted to set up an Exchange 2003 management console using the remote app and if it works this would be great!
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To be fair you could STILL run the two on the same machine with no problems because Outlook was smart enough to relocate its DLLs.  Outlook would specifically fix itself when you did this.

Apparently 5 years later we've lost that ability.  Which, in essence makes this release useless.
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This is NEW. I realize and understand the interaction needed for different dll's and they way they need to be registered and why this doesn’t work blah... blah...  

But on every workstation I have used to administer an Exchange 2000/2003 environment I could install the management tools on a workstation which had outlook. This does not fix the issue that I must Remote desktop into the server to administer it or keep on Windows XP as my primary system.

Common... when will we really be able to have the ESM on Vista....

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I had though it was only that you couldn't install Outlook on an Exchange server. I have allways used Outlook and ESM on the same workstation in the past.
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Had my hopes up. Overall a fairly useless release. If I am going to have a second machine to run ESM I might as well just have an XP machine (which I already do for running ESM).
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One vote for Outlook and ESM on the same workstation, close to eight years now. So if you could help us, digin and check which parts are not working when we do have the combination like this.

And my personal recommendation has always been, never use server it that is not needed. High available systems you are the bigest risks for breaks. Like accidentally you do shutdown and not logoff.
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A couple of scripting commands would be useful:

1. How to uninstall Outlook 2007 (only) from Office 2007? REMOVE=OUTLOOKFiles?

2. What are the names of the IIS roles that pkgmgr on Vista needs.

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... and once again the almighty Microsoft have found a way to provide a solution that most people can’t use...

... the damn thing won’t run unless you install some additional patch effort...

... the additional patch effort won’t run on a computer that has Office Outlook installed...

... how many flipping exchange engineers don’t use outlook?!

Thanks Microsoft, thanks.  
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almost installed it! ;-)

+1 on using Outlook and ESM together on same machine.

+1 vote for using ESM for Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008 workstation. :D
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"To be fair though - the inability to run Exchange ESM and Outlook on the same machine is nothing new." - Wha...? I have been running ESM and Outllok on mine for the last 3 years. :-)

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I'm amazed to see the releasenotes mention installing the Windows Server 2003 SP1 Administrator Tools Pack. That is not even supported on Vista, requires manaul registration etc. Why not use the Vista RSAT?
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Ridiculous...  almost every comment here is as rediculous as this release.  Outlook MAPI and Exchange MAPI don't mix.  (In 2003 land)  You CAN install these together on a workstation, theres no logic on 2003 installers that says you can't.  However, you are rolling the dice.  You are the first people to complain and not understand why things are going wrong. I run these on the same XP workstation myself, but I know a MAPI issue when I see one and I don't go call calling MS for support because I know better.  you ppl should too.
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Tom said it right...

This is one of those things that many people do, and then complain if something does not work right. Just because you can do it, it does not mean you should. I have been bitten by OL and ESM conflict before and it was no fun. Things are different with Exchange 2007 and there is a great reason why - because there is no MAPI "in the box" so there is no conflict.

I mean - be creative here. If you really want to roll the dice, you still can. Perhaps - remove Outlook, install CDO and ESM and then install Outlook? I am not saying you should, but you'd get what you wanted. of course - if it breaks something, don't complain.

Geez, it almost sounds like MS broke something huge here or this is a brand new problem. So this is now "useless" huh. I guess they should instead just not bother to release something new for a 5 year old product?

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At last some sensible thoughts. what you can do and how it actully should be done are two different things. well you can jump a red light and still be alive after 2 seconds.. but that doesnt mean you will always get away with it  or you should go around telling everyone that it doenst hurt to do so:). Outlook uses different set of Mapi components than exchange 2003. Mixing those DLLs is not a good idea and can cause issues. having said that it doesnt mean it wont work.. but why do a thing which we know can cause issues. If you want to save a workstation go ahead try your luck, if it doenst work DONT complain.
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If you can afford to have Vista-capable clients, you can probably afford to start migrating to Exchange 2007. Get the ball rolling...
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What do all the last 5 commenter's all work for M$?  And Wayne just because you jump every time M$ tells you to doesn't mean everyone else wants to.  I have seen no compelling features in E2K7 that make me want to upgrade yet.  As far as MAPI incompatibility goes I have been using E2K3 admin tools on XP for a long time now and I have run into some MAPI problems, but nothing that big.  But I also didn't have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get E2K3 and Outlook installed on my computer either.  I not a Vista basher either.  I use it on my laptop and have found some substantial features in it that I do like, but I need these Exchange tools and I don't think that is unreasonable to expect to be able to use them on Vista and have Outlook working.  Shouldn't M$ want users that have such a huge influence on business decisions on what OS to use be able to use Vista to do their jobs?
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