Easily compare Office 365 features across different plans

Published Oct 15 2013 01:29 PM 24.9K Views

Office 365 Service Descriptions provide comprehensive details about features and functionality available in different Office 365 subscription plans.

Now there’s a quick way to compare features in different plans. The Office 365 service descriptions Excel web part allows you to select a service or on-premises scenario, select the specific Office 365 service (e.g. Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online), and an Office 365 plan to see the features available in the selected plan.

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Exchange Team

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Great job! Will you reference this new service comparison page on the Service Description landing page, to make it easier to find?

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@Darrell: Thanks for the feedback. The service descriptions landing page will have a link soon!

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Here we go again Public Cloud / Office 365 sales BS................

No deep dive technical learning here.

This site used to be ALL technical Articles, today ALL Public Cloud / Office 365 sales BS..........

Change the name of this site to "Public Cloud / Office 365 sales BS".........

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@Bob: Thanks for the feedback. The Exchange team is responsible for both Exchange Server and Exchange Online; we blog for both audiences. Nonetheless, if you review recent posts, 8 out of 10 are applicable to on-premises deployments, including some very technical ones.

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I agree 100% with Bob.

This site used to be pure deep dive Exchange articles, now we got Public Cloud / Office 365 sales pitch......

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This rocks, thanks heaps!

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Have this site for deep dive Exchange On-Premises articles and create another site for all yours Public Cloud / Office 365 sales talk..........

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Once again with marketing fluff on a what was generally accepted as a technical resource. Thanks guys....

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Hey folks complaining about catering to multiple audiences, you clowns could also just choose to read the technical articles. You know you're allowed to do that right? The title of this one is kind of a giveaway, hint having "easily" in the title usually doesn't indicate Level 400 content. Suck it up. xx

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One of the challenges with Dedicated ITAR, is the sub-set of O365 features. Can you include D ITAR ?


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