Contest winners!
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The winners from our Limerick Contest (see original post) have been chosen!

We had a great time reading the submissions (and are in the process of printing out copies of each one and hanging them around our building). They were all geeky, some were laugh-out-loud hilarious, some were clever, some were cute, some were great at sucking up, and they were all very much appreciated and show us how much our customers rock.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry, if we had enough kits we'd just give one to everyone but then that wouldn't be much of a contest, now would it? :)

We decided that a couple of these submissions were so deserving that we are going to up the prize for the top two:

  • Grand Prize: A vintage Exchange 2000 "Platinum" pocket watch [historical trivia: these watches were the ship gifts for the product team], an Exchange Communities "road warrior" kit with a mini USB mouse and other such goodies, and an Exchange 2003 SP2 Magnetic Poetry Kit.
  • First Place: Exchange Communities 'road warrior' kit & Exchange 2003 SP2 Magnetic Poetry Kit
  • Honorable Mentions: Exchange 2003 SP2 Magnetic Poetry Kit

So without further ado, here are the winners:

Grand Prize

Road warrior, far from your home?
ActiveSync means you're never alone.
Exchange now will push
Email right to your tush
Or wherever you keep your smartphone.


First Place

An Admin who lived by Lough Ree,
was obsessive 'bout SMTP,
when you called on the phone,
he'd say "two-twenty, I'm home";
which made salesmen hang up hastily.

Honorable Mentions

Mail from a Nigerian minister
Deposed in a coup- that’s quite sinister.
He offered to pay
If I helped him today,
But I hadn’t the funds to administer.

There once was an off-campus user
Whose VPN would always confuse her
When along came '03
With its new HTTP
And now she's an RPC abuser

There once was a messaging admin
Who didn’t know how to stop spammin’
Til he downloaded Exchange 2003.
With improvements in anti-spam and sender id,
That messaging admin kept his job, how lucky he be.

With email you are never alone,
Great tools let you work from home
Now with Exchange zero three
We get support with HTTP
And even mail sent to my phone.

The bits were clogging your pipe
At first you thought it was Skype
Now check your OABs
Unicode? No ANSI
A new profile for v4’s right type

My briefcase once got lost
All docs and appointments got tossed
If I had used Outlook
As an electronic black book
I wouldn't be in such crap with my boss

Ode to Disaster Recovery
0, my e00.log is like a red, red rose,
that's way out of toutch .
0, my mdb is like a parody,
'cause I'm having problems to detach.

I didn't run ExDRA,
O, how deep in trouble am I,
But I will love thee still, my dear,
till a' the disks gang dry.

Till a' the disks gang dry, my dear,
and their spindles melt wi' the sun!
I will reindex thee still, my dear,
while the offline defrag shall run.

I will eseutil /r my logs!
I won't put up the fight!
And you will mount again, my love.
Even if it takes me all night!

For those of you who sent in the winning submissions, email me your snail mail address (kclemson AT microsoft DOT com) and we'll get your prizes sent to you soon.

We had a lot of fun with this contest, and we'll be hosting another one sometime in the next couple of months - keep an eye out!

- KC Lemson

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