Build your own book of TechNet topics about Exchange

Published Aug 18 2011 03:30 PM 1,838 Views

Take a look at the latest thing you can do on TechNet. With this cool new Beta feature, you can pick and choose up to 100 topics from anywhere in the Microsoft TechNet library (but really, why go anywhere but Exchange?), arrange the topics in any sequence you like, and then save your custom collection into a “book” for use either online or offline.

Got a Kindle or other e-reader? Make your own PDF of Exchange-related content to read on it! Give it a try – our friends at the Office IT Pro Blog show you how.

Alison Hirsch

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It's a Russian Accordeon (obsolete news in sleng)

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Sweet ! No more favorites maze.

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This is exactly what I needed. I'm preparing for my Exchange MCM and this will help me organize the materials in my iBooks for easy reference.

Thanks Guys!

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Excellent! Been waiting for years for this!!   :)

Tried to convert the Exchange Help chm file to pdf but no luck…

Just a couple of suggestions though:

- Images get sometimes cut (a part in each page);

- The Index does not include any subtopics…   :(

- Make the limit 200 or 300 please!   :)

Something to fix in the future  ;)

Great, great job!!

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