Blog Series: Email Protection Basics
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Microsoft 365 Defender is a unified enterprise defense suite that provides integrated protection against sophisticated attacks by coordinating detection, prevention, investigation, and response across endpoints, identities, email, and applications. It provides advanced protection against spam, malware, phishing, spoofing, and other malicious attacks.

Did you know that as Exchange Online admin, you have access to the Microsoft 365 Defender portal? With Microsoft Defender for Office 365, you can help protect your organization from email threats, manage quarantined messages and files, create and modify security policies, submit suspicious items for analysis, and monitor the health and performance of various security features.

Microsoft Support has teamed up with product engineers and security professionals to create a multi-part blog series aimed at demystifying how email protection works in Microsoft 365. We are a team of engineers with years of experience supporting Exchange and security, and we are often asked how the protections work, what protections are applied to a particular message, and how organizations can manage false positives and false negatives.

So far, the blog series covers how bulk (grey) email filtering works, spam and phishing protections, and how Microsoft 365 helps protect your users against the two threat vectors commonly seen in phishing attacks: spoofing and impersonation. In the most recent post, we have outlined how anti-malware and Safe Attachments work for known and unknown threats, and we review common quarantine operations, quarantine policies and notifications.


Check out the Email Protection Basics in Microsoft 365 blog series (including any future articles) at The series is hosted on the Microsoft Defender for Office 365 blog, which you can access and subscribe to at

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Alex Hudish
Supportability PM, Microsoft Defender for Office 365

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