Announcing the Jetstress 2013 Field Guide

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Due to the success of the Jetstress 2010 field guide, we have decided to continue the tradition by releasing an updated version of the guide for Jetstress 2013 . As with the previous version, the aim of the document is as follows:

  • Explain how Jetstress works.
  • Provide storage validation planning and configuration guidance.
  • Provide Jetstress results interpretation guidance

So, what’s changed? Well, the good news is that Jetstress 2013 is very similar to Jetstress 2010. There are some modifications to accommodate the storage changes within Exchange Server 2013, however the planning, configuration and results interpretation process remain largely the same as they were in Jetstress 2010.

Change overview in Jetstress 2013

  • The Event log is captured and logged to the test log. These events show up in the Jetstress UI as the test is progressing.
  • Any errors are logged against the volume that they occurred. The final report shows the error counts per volume in a new sub-section.
  • A single IO error anywhere will fail the test.
  • In case of CRC errors (JET -1021), Jetstress will simulate the same behaviour as Exchange “page patching”.
  • Detects -1018, -1019, -1021, -1022, -1119, hung IO, DbtimeTooNew, DbtimeTooOld.
  • Threads, which generate IO, are now controlled at a global level. Instead of specifying Threads/DB, you now specify a global thread count, which works against all databases.

Updates in the Jetstress 2013 Field Guide

Not content with simply updating Jetstress, we have also added some more information into the field guide.

  • Updated internals section to reflect changes made in Jetstress 2013 [4]
  • Updated validation process flow charts [5.1]
  • Improved failure mode testing section [5.4]
  • Updated initialisation time table [5.6.1]
  • Updated installation section [6]
  • Updated report data section [9]
  • Updated thread count section [Appendix A]

The Jetstress Field Guide will be the only documentation released for Jetstress 2013, so if you have any feedback please feel free to share it with us here.

You can download the new version of Jetstress field guide as an attachment of this post.


Neil Johnson
Senior Consultant, MCS UK

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Good. Will Jetstress 2013 work for 2010 planning.

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Ok. Got it works with any version of Exchange.

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It's in the doc...

Important Changes

• Do not use Jetstress 2013 for older versions of Exchange Server.  Jetstress 2013 has only been tested with Exchange Server 2013.

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@ Jack.

Yeah I saw. But why it is different. Anyways no hurry.

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There is an inconsistency in the information published regarding this tool.  On the webpage at this location:

the author says, "You can use this whitepaper with any version of Exchange you plan to deploy."  Yet, the field guide itself says, "Do not use Jetstress 2013 for older versions of Exchange Server.  Jetstress 2013 has only been tested with Exchange Server 2013."

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The 2013 Jetstress Field Guide still includes screen shots and instructions that are obviously leftover from the 2010 Jetstress Field Guide.  The screen shots actually show the title "Microsoft Exchange Jetstress 2010".  The fact that so many items were not modified brings into suspect all information in the field guide.

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