Step-by-Step: How to Setup Copilot Chat in VS Code
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Before we dive into the step-by-step instructions for setting up Copilot Chat, it's important to understand the full potential of this powerful tool. Copilot Chat is an innovative AI-powered paired programing solution, leveraging the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-4, specifically designed to serve as a conversational user interface. With its natural language processing abilities, Copilot Chat enhances your coding experience by providing a personalized and flexible environment. By streamlining your workflow, this tool enables you to develop faster, shift focus to business logic instead of boilerplate code, and concentrate on building awesome apps. Moreover, Copilot Chat offers comprehensive analysis, explanations of code blocks, automated unit test generation, and proposed bug fixes, elevating your coding efficiency to new heights.


Prerequisites for setting up Copilot Chat in VS Code

Before setting up Copilot Chat, there are a few prerequisites that need to be in place.


  1. An active GitHub Account.
  2. The latest version of VS Code: 
    • If you already have VS Code installed make sure it is upgraded to the latest version by navigating to the following:
      • Windows: Help > Check for updates...
      • Mac: Code > Check for updates...

Setting up Copilot Chat in VS Code

Once you have received confirmation from GitHub via email that you have been included into GitHub Copilot Chat preview, you can begin your installation via the following steps:


  1. Run VS Code and click on the extension icon.
     VS Code Extension IconVS Code Extension Icon
  2. Type Copilot in the search bar located in the top left-hand side of the Extensions: Marketplace window.
  3. Select GitHub Copilot Chat.
  4. Click Install.
    Installing GitHub Copilot ChatInstalling GitHub Copilot Chat
  5. Sign-in using the GitHub account you received confirmation from GitHub via email that you have been included into GitHub Copilot Chat preview when prompted.
    GitHub Sign-on promptGitHub Sign-on prompt
  6. Click Allow when asked to allow the GitHub Copilot extension to sign-in using GitHub.
  7. A browser window should now open to GitHub's authentication page to ask for your authorization. Click Continue.
  8. An Open Visual Studio pop-up will now appear. Click on Open Visual Studio to continue.
    Allow for VS Code to openAllow for VS Code to open
  9. Back on VS Code, a pop-up will appear asking to allow the Copilot Extension to open the URI. Click Open to continue.
     Allow for GitHub Copilot Chat to open the URIAllow for GitHub Copilot Chat to open the URI
  10. Close / Exit VS Code then run VS Code again.
  11. Click on the GitHub Copilot Chat Icon to get started using GitHub Copilot Chat.
    GitHub Copilot ChatGitHub Copilot Chat


Allison also has a great video that shares latest features of Copilot Chat and how they can supercharge your coding experience.



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