Startup Showcase: 3-2-1-GoCheck
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Using AI for Digital Background Checking



3-2-1-GoCheck, a global background checking startup, and has revolutionized its services by leveraging the Microsoft Founders Hub program. The company offers its comprehensive background checking solutions as a Software as a Service (SaaS), and Founders' Hub benefits have enhanced its accessibility and efficiency.

Founders Hub Benefits

What benefits have they been using? Power Platform, M365 & Azure

Use of Microsoft 365:
3-2-1-GoCheck has a global team located in Hungary, UK, Czech Republic, Australia, Canada, India, and Germany and they easily share our calendars, events and plan stuff easily thanks to Outlook.

All of their company documents are on OneDrive, which is allowing the, to use PowerAutomate to automate their sales campaigns using Dynamics. The integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Power Automate stands out, enabling 3-2-1-GoCheck to establish a repeatable sales pipeline. This integration ensures secure management of solutions and synergizes with other Microsoft products to provide a cohesive user experience.
Use of Azure: Hosting and managing the 3-2-1-GoCheck global background checking solution using Static Web App, and Azure Functions so that they can scale and be secure. This facilitated seamless deployment of their SaaS solutions, particularly for enterprise clients, ensuring a higher level of service. Additionally, they have integrated platform products like OpenAI, Various API Services to make their product available in the MS ecosystem.


Czech Republic:
Connect with Nurup Namji, co-founder 3-2-1-GoCheck

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