Register for Microsoft 365 and Power Apps Developer Account with this Guide
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Whether you are a Data Analyst, Scientist, or Power Platform Developer, the first set of Apps you will use at resumption to work wouldn't be Python, Power BI, or Power Apps. They are most likely to be Outlook, Excel, MS Teams, MS Word, PowerPoint, etc.. The reason why you need to get familiar with collaboration and productivity Apps.


Also, performance has also been measured in your ability to collaborate and your rate of productivity. If you don't know how to leverage Microsoft Apps and Services for collaboration and to work productively with them, you are already limiting your output and might affect your performance in the workplace.


This is why we are walking you through how to create a Microsoft 365 Developer Account.


This recap will cover the following: 

  1. A guide on how to activate Microsoft 365 Developer Account and Power Apps Community Plan  
  2. Questions and Answer session from the live event  


What is Microsoft 365 Developer Account? 

The Microsoft 365 Developer Program includes a Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription which is meant for a non-production project i.e. learning purposes. What then is Microsoft 365 E5 Subscription?  It is the highest license category in the Microsoft 365 Subscription plan and comes with several benefits as can be found in the image below 


e5license (1).png


These Apps and Services are very relevant if you work in any organization. As there are no substitute for hands-on experience and it can be costly for students to get real world experience using Microsoft 365 Apps and Services since it is not free. The Microsoft 365 Developer Account is a solution to this challenge. 


With it, students can have access to the Apps and Services in use by organization today, learn and build with them. 

Now that you know what it is, how do you get to create one? 


How to Sign Up for Microsoft 365 Developer Account? 

You will need a Microsoft Account e.g. … to create one, visit  

Upon creation of this personal Microsoft account, proceed to 

To sign up for the Power Apps Community Plan, use this link: . As explained in the video, Power APps Community plan is only needed for students on Power Platform Track.


Watch the video guide below to continue the setup  



Now that you have your Microsoft 365 Developer Account. 

Few things to pay attention to: 

  • You now have two emails – your personal Microsoft account (…, and a work account (***@*** 
  • If you visit , there is a high chance that it will sign it by default to your personal outlook account. While the environment might look like a work account, it isn’t. 
  • To address this, it is advice that you sign out of the personal account, close your browser and then revisit 


You can also watch some questions asked during the session below. This will help you cover the missing classroom experience 




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