Power Apps Challenge: Peer-to-Peer Mentorship App
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Prove Your Skill

Are you up for this challenge? I need to ask you before we get started. Let me make this point clear, in this challenge, there is no losing, it's either you WIN or you WIN. Meaning, you have so much to win by participating in this challenge. 


While there are no prize, working on this project is a clear way to convince recruiter or potential employee on your ability to use Power Platform address business problems creatively.



Use Case Description




A medium-sized consulting firm wants to improve employee development and retention by providing mentorship opportunities for its employees. They decide to implement the Peer-to-Peer Mentoring App, which is built using Power Apps.

The app allows employees to find and connect with mentors and mentees within the company, based on their areas of interest and experience. The app includes a matching algorithm that suggests potential mentors or mentees based on the employee's profile, and employees can also search for mentors or mentees manually.

Once a mentoring relationship is established, employees can communicate with one another through the app, schedule meetings, and set goals for the mentoring relationship. The app also includes a feature for employees to provide feedback on their mentoring relationships, and a tracking system for HR to monitor the progress.


The app also includes a dashboard for management, which provides real-time visibility into the mentoring relationships within the company. Managers can view the number of mentoring relationships, the areas of interest and experience, and the progress of the mentoring relationships.

A use case for the Peer-to-Peer Mentoring App would be for a large technology company that wants to improve employee development and retention. They decide to implement the Peer-to-Peer Mentoring App, which is built using Power Apps.


Additional Feature (Optional)
Employees can create a profile, listing their skills and areas of expertise, and can search for potential mentors or mentees based on those skills. They can also request or accept mentoring or coaching sessions within the app, and can schedule and organize these sessions through the app's calendar feature.


Benefits to the Organization

The Peer-to-Peer Mentoring App provides the company with an effective way to improve employee development and retention by providing mentorship opportunities. It also helps to foster a culture of learning and development and allows employees to connect with one another to share knowledge and experience.

Employees can also connect with experienced colleagues for guidance and support.



  • App should be built using Dataverse as your data source
  • Pay attention to accessibility.
  • Be flexible with your design concept.

You are hired as a Power Platform Developer to build this Application.

Project Documentation





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Project Submission

You will be wondering how you get to submit your project. For now, you should share your work by taking screenshot and using the hashtag #GitHub4Me while posting on Twitter and LinkedIn. We have an upcoming Live session to guide you on how to properly showcase and document your work on GitHub. Once we are done with that session, you will be able to go through the process and make your project portfolio worthy by documenting it on GitHub.


We will also provide the Link for you to submit your documented project. Since we want you to get the best from this effort, the most missing part is how you communicate your final work through documentation, this is where you will shine brighter this time. 


We are excited for you already and can't wait to see what you get to do at the end. Kindly check back this blog for details about the forthcoming Live sessions.




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