#Peer Mentorship: Git & GitHub Workshop
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We had the Git and GitHub Workshop (+ building resume websites in less than 20 minutes) with the Web Dev + Intro to Tech Skills Track, as part of the peer mentorship program (Kenyan Chapter).

We covered: -

What is Git
Git within the software development ecosystem
Basic Git commands
GitHub workflows
Git Hooks


... followed by a code-along 👨🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻 workshop to help you build website to showcase your resume in a matter of minutes.

“There is nothing that speaks more ‘dev’ than having a recruiter ask for your CV and you point them to GitHub”
** Beginner-friendly, you just need your laptop!


If you’d like to have your resume hosted on GitHub, here is a link to all you need to know with code snippets you can use for your resume outline: Full Workshop Resources 


Additional resources for your further reading: -

Collaborate with Pull Requests 

GitHub Pages 

Fork a Repo 

GitHub Actions Guide 



Catch up on what you missed on the recording:


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