New path : Tech resilience
Published Sep 14 2021 08:05 AM 1,267 Views

For many students, tech-driven fields can be intimidating. When they get stuck or lack support, they drop out before ever having a chance to succeed—regardless of their abilities.


"The result is a smaller and less diverse workforce in tech."


Those who make it past these barriers during their educational journey can end up feeling excluded by workplace cultures that don’t match their own backgrounds and experiences.  Far too many talented people avoid choosing or actively decide to leave tech because it can be unwelcoming.


Our mission? To help build a more inclusive future for the tech industry by fostering confidence, resilience, and a sense of belonging.



Therefore, we created this learning path


- Develop a growth mindset

- Enhance your self-efficacy,

- Cultivate a culture of belongingness,

- Exercise your emotional intelligence,

- Give and receive effective feedback,

- Grow your cognitive flexibility,

- Leverage self-regulation to work strategically,

- Communicate with others strategically through mirroring and coaching,

- Work with others by practice active listening,



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