.NET MAUI Summer Coding Adventure
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In today's digital world, mobile app development has become essential for businesses and professionals in every industry. With the increasing demand for mobile apps, it is vital for developers to keep up with the latest technologies and tools to deliver effective and engaging solutions. 


For .NET developers, one of the most prominent options for cross-platform application development is .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI). It is the evolution of the Xamarin.Forms technology and it offers unique advantages and benefits, including being built on top of a robust framework (.NET), allowing developers to deploy on multiple mobile and desktop platforms, such as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, writing the code only once, and leveraging native UI and performance. 


The .NET MAUI Summer Coding Adventure is a 4-week initiative led by Microsoft Reactor and Microsoft MVPs that aims to help you acquire the fundamental knowledge, tips, and practical experience around the .NET MAUI ecosystem in several topics: 




  • From Mobile to Desktop: Building Versatile Apps with .NET MAUI: Get an introduction to the platform, learn about capabilities, and how to start developing an app. 
  • Exploring UI Design in .NET MAUI: Learn how to build attractive apps by following best practices in UI design. 
  • Efficient Data Binding with MVVM in .NET MAUI: Get to know how to synchronize the UI and the data models in your app by following the MVVM robust pattern. 
  • Local Data Persistence Made Easy in .NET MAUI: Learn about the different options for storing and retrieving information on your device from your app.
  • Unleashing the Power of .NET MAUI Handlers: Native Controls. Explore the benefits of .NET MAUI Handlers, analyzing how this feature proves to be effective in delivering improved native, dynamic, and personalized mobile app experiences by creating and customizing native controls while adhering to platform-specific guidelines and best practices.


Even though this series already started on July 24th, there is still time to join, participate, and learn! It consists of different activities that you can join at your own pace. 


  1. Livestreams 

Hosted by Microsoft Reactor, Bruno Capuano [2], and Luis Beltrán [3], each livestream focuses on one of the previously-mentioned topics. A guest speaker is featured every week, with lots of insights, experience and cool DEMOS, being shared during the session, so attendees get the best tips to boost their knowledge and confidence into .NET MAUI app development. Microsoft’s James Montemagno [4] and Javier Suarez Ruiz [5] joined us for the first week’s sessions, while Microsoft MVPs Héctor Pérez [6] and Humberto Jaimes [7], and community member Cristian González [8] complete the speakers’ lineup for the rest of the sessions. 



 All the recording are available in the Main Reactor Series page!


  1. Workshops 

Show me the code! If this event is aimed for developers, there should be a way to practice what you learn each week, right? The series also includes a GitHub repository, featuring step-by-step instructions that you can follow to put yourself into the action. We start from scratch and create a .NET MAUI blank application that displays information about refreshing recipes (perfect for the summer!). In fact, we live-code it during each session, so you can see the progress and how a basic application can be powered-up with the knowledge you gain each week. 




The GitHub repository of this project is available here [11]. We happily accept contributions from you! As a matter of fact, two pull-requests have already been submitted, one for translating the instructions in Spanish, and another one for improving the UI. Thank you, community! 


  1. Cloud Skills Challenge 

Learning can be fun! The .NET MAUI Summer Coding Adventure Challenge is an excellent opportunity to complement your learning experience while acquiring essential skills in .NET MAUI app development. The collection includes several modules where you can get more information about a specific topic and complete a practical exercise with easy-to-follow tutorials. Moreover, you get a badge for completing each module which you can share. There is also a leaderboard where you can see all participants who joined the challenge.  



Join the Cloud Skills Challenge series here! [12] 


  1. Se habla español 

Furthermore, whether you say Hello! or ¡Hola!, the .NET MAUI Summer Coding Adventure is being held not only in English, but also in Spanish language! You can visit this link [13] to get access to the resources, online sessions, and more in Spanish. 


To sum up, learning how to develop applications with .NET MAUI is a relevant and valuable skill for developers in today's landscape to meet industry challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the mobile app market. And the .NET MAUI Summer Coding Adventure can help you to start building your career on mobile applications development. 



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