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Free technical resources for faculty, students, and Microsoft developer advocates for use in computer science learning forums. at

Azure Educator Services GitHub Repo

This repo provides technical resources to help students and faculty learn about Azure and teach others. The content covers cross-platform scenarios in AI and machine learning, data science, web development, mobile app dev, internet of things, and DevOps.

Students can get free Azure credits to explore these resources here:

Your feedback is appreciated - please fork this repo and contribute!

To report any issues, please log a GitHub issue . Include the content section, module number and title, along with any error messages and screenshots.

March Update

1.Added new super simple Azure web apps lab (students should be able to get through it in 30min or less, and it integrates/introduces GitHub! Perfect on boarding for total beginners or as a short ramp-up before a hackathon, etc.)

2.Added new Azure Video Indexer lab

3.Totally revamped Azure Bot Service lab

4.Updates to text on home page to highlight Azure for Students offer as well as other small tweaks.

5.Restructured content to highlight labs, and separate content into Labs, Educator content, and Events content

6.Added descriptions to all labs, making it easier for users to find what they’re interested in learning/teaching ( example )

7.Added approximate pricing ($, $$, $$$) to all labs, so users know about how much they’ll spend in Azure while going through the lab ( example )

8.Updates to existing labs to keep up-to-date with Azure product changes

9.Cleaned up issues backlog

10.Cleaned up pull request backlog

11.Added new short url short link to make it easy to get to our repo

Changes Planned for April

1.New Blockchain lab!

2.New Tensor Flow lab!

3.More updates to existing labs to stay up-to-date (as always).

New labs NOW Available

Azure Web Apps + GitHub

Azure Video Indexer

Azure Bot Service

Understanding the cost of Azure and Cloud Services

•Each lab clearly indicates the $ cost of using Azure to all labs including scenario, technology, and cost ($, $$, $$$) further costs of azure can be assessed by using the Azure Pricing Calculator

Content Organisations at
Labs AI/ML, Azure Services, Big Data, Deep Learning, IoT, Web Dev
Events Event-in-a-Box, Tech Talks, Azure U Tour (eventually)
Educator content Scripts, Azure Guides, Course Content

Available Labs and Resources

Machine Learning/AI
Azure Bot Service

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Notebooks

Cognitive Toolkit

Custom Vision Service (new!)


Video Indexer

Web Development
Azure Web Apps

Azure Web Apps and GitHub (new!)

Deep Learning
200 - Machine Learning in Python

300 - Neural Networks with CNTK

400 - Image Classification with MMLSpark

400 - Stream Analytics and Machine Learning

Big Data & Analytics
Azure Data Lake

Hadoop on Azure HDInsight

Spark on Azure HDInsight

Microsoft Power BI

Internet of Things
Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Services
Azure Container Service

Azure Functions

Azure High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Azure Storage

Blockchain on Azure

VM Scaling
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