Microsoft's Student Opportunities: A Gateway to Professional Growth
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My name is Sarah, a third-year Computer Science major, Backend Engineer and Beta Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador. This article will be covering some of many opportunities offered by Microsoft, their benefits and how you can take part. From internships to scholarships, Microsoft offers a range of programs designed to help students succeed in the tech industry. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the most exciting opportunities available and show you how Microsoft can be the key to unlocking your potential. So grab your laptops, charge your phones, and get ready to explore the world of Microsoft student opportunities!

P.S - Almost all of these opportunities provide swag :cool: (shirts, bags, stickers, etc)!


1. Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors :stareyes::

This one is a personal favorite. The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program, also known as MLSA, is a unique opportunity for students who are passionate about technology and want to make a difference in their community. As an MLSA, you'll have access to a range of resources, including training and support from Microsoft experts, as well as opportunities to attend events and connect with other students who share your interests. You'll also have the chance to develop your leadership and communication skills, and to work on projects that can have a real impact on your school or community. It doesn't matter if you have no experience, as I've been asked, all you need is a passion for tech and a vision for empowerment within your community.
The MLSA program is split into 4 milestones (New, Alpha, Beta and Gold) each coming with their own benefits and new opportunities.


- Eligibility Criteria for MLSA:

  1. Be age 16 or older at time of application
  2. Be enrolled full-time in an accredited academic institution (e.g. College, University)
  3. Be an individual person (not a corporate entity)
  4. Not be a Microsoft employee or current contractor

- Some benefits of the MLSA program:

  1. Access to Microsoft professionals for mentorship and guidance
  2. Microsoft 365 and software like Snagit and Camtasia for presentations
  3. Visual Studio Enterprise subscription and $150 monthly Azure credits
  4. Exam certification vouchers to demonstrate your skills and knowledge
  5. Free access to LinkedIn Learning for online courses on coding, data science, and cybersecurity
  6. A free domain name to showcase your work
  7. Support for organizing and hosting events like hackathons and workshops
  8. Engagement with Cloud Advocates and Microsoft MVPs for guidance and support
  9. Milestone badges to showcase your accomplishments

- How to apply:

To apply for the MLSA program or learn more about it, please follow this link.



2. GitHub Global Campus for students :stareyes:

By joining this incredible program, you'll gain access to a wide range of resources and benefits, including GitHub Classroom, the GitHub Student Developer Pack, and exclusive industry tools used by professional developers. Plus, with access to Campus TV content, events, and other exclusive features, you'll be able to connect with like-minded students and shape the future of software development.


- Eligibility Criteria for GitHub Global Campus Students:

  1. Be currently enrolled in a degree or diploma granting course of study such as a high school, secondary school, college, university, homeschool, or similar educational institution
  2. Have a verifiable school-issued email address or upload documents that prove your current student status
  3. Have a GitHub personal account
  4. Be at least 13 years old

- Some benefits of the GitHub Global Campus program:

  1. Access to the GitHub Education Community
  2. Industry tools used by professional developers
  3. GitHub Classroom for managing and grading assignments
  4. GitHub Student Developer Pack with free developer tools and services
  5. Exclusive Campus TV content and events
  6. GitHub Community Exchange for connecting with other developers
  7. Discounts on domain names and cloud hosting for student projects
  8. Opportunity to shape the next generation of software development through collaboration and innovation.

- How to apply:

To apply for the GitHub Global Campus program or learn more about it, please follow this link .



3. GitHub Octernships :stareyes:

This amazing program pairs students with industry partners for awesome professional experiences and mentorship on open source and software development projects. It's the perfect way to sharpen your skills, build your network, and get paid doing something you love! It also has the easiest application process you might come across in a while. The projects can vary in duration from one to six months and remote-only opportunities are available.

- Eligibility Criteria for GitHub Octernships:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. A verified student on GitHub Global Campus
  3. An active contributor on GitHub
  4. Enrolled in an institution with work eligibility in one of the ten countries: India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Nigeria, and Colombia

- Some benefits of the GitHub Octernships program:

  1. Minimum stipend of 500 USD per month per student.
  2. Valuable industry experience and networking opportunities
  3. Opportunities to work with and learn from experienced developers and industry partners
  4. Access to free GitHub Pro
  5. Access to GitHub Student Developer Pack partner offers, which includes developer tools and services worth thousands of dollars
  6. GitHub Campus Expert training which provides training and support to help students become leaders in their campus communities.

- How to apply:

To apply for the GitHub Octernships program or learn more about it, please follow this link.



4. GitHub Campus Experts :stareyes::

GitHub Campus Experts are student leaders who are committed to creating inclusive spaces for learning, sharing experiences, and building projects. They organize and lead events such as conferences, meetups, and hackathons, as well as maintain open-source projects. As local leaders, they are aware of the challenges faced by students on their campuses.

One of the significant benefits of the program is the training that it offers. In a six-week training program, students analyze their community and develop leadership skills such as public speaking, technical writing, and software development. At the end of the training, students create a community impact proposal to guide their activities and goals. Applications are open in February and August.


- Eligibility Criteria for GitHub Campus Experts:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Validate your student status through the GitHub Student Developer Pack
  3. Be enrolled in a post-secondary formal education institution
  4. Have more than one year left as a student before graduating
  5. Be a GitHub user for at least six months
  6. Not be enrolled in the GitHub Campus Advisors Program

- Some benefits of the GitHub Campus Experts program:

  1. Leadership training and development of skills like public speaking, technical writing, and software development
  2. Opportunity to build a diverse and inclusive community of learners
  3. Access to in-person and online events, conferences, and hackathons
  4. Chance to lead open-source projects and maintain a strong technical community
  5. Global recognition as a student leader in the tech industry

- How to apply:

To apply for the GitHub Campus Experts program or learn more about it, please follow this link.



5. Microsoft Student Accelerator :stareyes::

The MSA program is a 12-week program for students in Australia, providing an opportunity to work on real-world projects and gain industry experience (non-Australian students and graduates are welcome but may not be eligible for prizes or employment opportunities). The program offers three different pathways: Develop, Data, and Design. Students in the Develop pathway work on building applications, while those in the Data pathway focus on using data to solve business problems. The Design pathway is for students interested in user experience and user interface design. Participants receive guidance and support from mentors and industry professionals, as well as access to Microsoft technologies and resources. Students also have the opportunity to network and connect with other students and industry leaders.


- Eligibility Criteria for Microsoft Student Accelerator:

  1. Have a passion for technology and a desire to learn new skills
  2. Be enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited university or college in Australia

- Some benefits of the Microsoft Student Accelerator program:

  1. Certification through Cloud Skills Challenge and technical workshops
  2. Practical experience through projects and competitions
  3. Networking opportunities with industry experts
  4. Professional skills development
  5. Career opportunities through access to Microsoft's job board

- How to apply:

To apply for the Microsoft Student Accelerator program or learn more about it, please follow this link.



6. Microsoft Learn (Certifications) :stareyes::  

This free online platform offers a wealth of resources and courses to help you develop your skills and advance your career. But that's not all - eligible students can take up to eight Fundamentals Certification exams for free through June 2023.

Whether you're interested in cloud computing, data analysis, development or soft skills, Microsoft Learn has courses and certifications to suit your interests and goals. And with the added benefit of free certification exams, there's never been a better time to invest in your education and future.


- Eligibility Criteria for Microsoft Learn:

Absolutely anyone has access to Microsoft Learn content for free, but for free certifications, students will need to verify their identity.


- Some benefits of Microsoft Learn:

  1. Free and accessible learning
  2. Self-paced learning for busy students and working professionals
  3. Interactive learning methods, such as hands-on labs and virtual environments
  4. Personalized learning paths based on individual needs and career aspirations
  5. Industry-recognized certifications to boost your resume and career prospects
  6. Diverse range of technology topics to explore

- How to apply:

To apply for free Microsoft Learn certifications or learn more, please follow this link.



7. Azure for Students :stareyes::

 Azure (Microsoft cloud computing) for Students is a free offer from Microsoft that provides students with a $100 credit to use on Azure services (55+). This offer enables students to experiment with and learn Azure, without incurring any charges. Additionally, students will have access to various services such as virtual machines, storage, databases, and more. 

Note; Microsoft also offers a free tier to non-students. Read more here.


- Eligibility Criteria for Azure for Students:

  1. You must affirm that you are age 18 or older and attend an accredited, degree-granting, two-year or four-year educational institution where you’re a full-time student
  2. You must verify your academic status through your organization's email address

- Some benefits of Azure for Students:

  1. Free popular Azure services for up to 12 months
  2. Over 55 other services that are always free to use
  3. Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
  4. Flexible pricing models after the free trial is over
  5. Provides real-world experience with cloud computing
  6. Offers collaboration tools for teamwork and communication skills

- How to apply:

To apply for Azure for Students or learn more about it, please follow this link.



8. Microsoft Scholarships :stareyes::

 Microsoft awards tuition and conference scholarships each year to encourage students to further their learnings in Computer Science and related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines. Recipients for the scholarship will be awarded in recognition of their demonstrated passion for technology, academic excellence, and leadership while working to push the software industry forward.


- Eligibility Criteria for Microsoft Scholarships: 

  1. Be enrolled full time in a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year college or university in the United States, Canada or Mexico at the time you submit the application
  2. A demonstrated record of academic achievement/excellence. Because the scholarship is merit-based, you must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average out of a possible 4.0, or a 4.0 cumulative grade point average out of a possible 5.0
  3. Show satisfactory progress toward an undergraduate degree in computer science, computer engineering or a related STEM discipline

- Some benefits of Microsoft scholarships:

  1. Encourages STEM education and learning in Computer Science
  2. Provides tuition and conference scholarships to students with passion, academic excellence, and leadership potential
  3. Recognizes exceptional leadership in promoting diversity in STEM at their university
  4. Encourages underrepresented groups to pursue STEM fields and values diverse perspectives
  5. Promotes diversity and inclusivity in the technology industry by supporting underrepresented individuals

- How to apply:

To apply for a Microsoft scholarship or learn more about it, please follow this link.



9. Microsoft Internships :stareyes::

 Microsoft internships offer the opportunity to work on meaningful projects and cutting-edge technology in all job families and solution areas. Open to current Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, and PhD students, the program is designed to provide valuable learning and growth experiences within a diverse and engaging culture.


- Eligibility Criteria for Microsoft internships:

Students must be enrolled full-time in an applicable field and plan to return to university/college for at least one term following the internship period.


- Some benefits of Microsoft internships: 

  1. Competitive pay
  2. Relocation benefits
  3. Health club membership
  4. Paid travel to Microsoft
  5. Free bus pass
  6. Parties and special events
  7. Free training
  8. Software discounts

- How to apply:

To apply for a Microsoft internship or learn more about it, please follow this link.



10. Microsoft Imagine Cup :stareyes::

This is a global competition for students who are passionate about creating technology solutions that can solve real-world problems. The competition provides students with an opportunity to showcase their skills, build their network, and win prizes. The Imagine Cup is full of opportunities to gain new skills, access exclusive training, unlock mentorship opportunities, and have a chance to win great prizes and make a difference in the world.


- Eligibility Criteria for Microsoft Imagine Cup:

  1. Global competition for students aged 16+
  2. You’re welcome to imagine any solution that you’re passionate about, but must include a Microsoft Azure component and take into consideration diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.
  3. Maximum four (4) members per team

- Some benefits of Microsoft Imagine Cup:

  1. World Champion team receives a prize of USD100,000
  2. Regional Final winners receive cash prizes: USD15,000 for 1st place, USD5,000 for 2nd place, and USD1,000 for 3rd place
  3. Opportunity to showcase innovative technology solutions and gain recognition on a global stage
  4. Mentorship from industry experts to help refine and develop ideas
  5. Access to Microsoft resources, such as Azure and other tools, to help bring solutions to life.
  6. Opportunities to network with like-minded students and industry professionals
  7. Chance to make a positive impact on society by addressing real-world challenges through technology

- How to apply:

To apply for Microsoft Imagine Cup or learn more about it, please follow this link.



11. Microsoft Ignite :stareyes::

  This is a showcase of the best of what’s next for Microsoft and its partners, technical decision-makers and information technology implementers. The products and updates unveiled during Microsoft Ignite are designed to help customers, partners and developers get the full value of Microsoft’s technologies.


- Eligibility Criteria for Microsoft Ignite:

In-person fee: $1,895

Online fee: Free


- Some benefits of Microsoft Ignite: 

  1. Opportunity to learn from industry experts and Microsoft leaders
  2. Access to exclusive technical training and certification opportunities
  3. Networking with peers and Microsoft partners
  4. Hands-on experience with the latest Microsoft technologies
  5. Insights into upcoming trends and innovations in the industry
  6. Access to product demos and previews
  7. Swag and giveaways

- How to apply:

To apply for Microsoft Ignite or learn more about it, please follow this link.



12. Microsoft Student Summit :stareyes::

 Are you exploring a career in technology? Or looking to accelerate your technical career? Want to know what a “day in the life of” is really like before you dive in? Or get a jumpstart understanding the skills needed for success? Whether you are just starting your undergraduate degree or a seasoned professional curious about the tactical steps needed to accelerate your career, Microsoft Student Summit will help you discover how to gain expertise in today's cutting-edge technology needed for your career.


- Eligibility Criteria for Microsoft Student Summit:



- Some benefits of Microsoft Student Summit:

  1. Learn about Application Development, Developer Tools, Low Code/No-Code/Fusion Development, AI, Data, and Machine Learning.
  2. Build your expertise with tailored learning paths and technical communities.
  3. Network with industry experts and other students in your region.
  4. Receive career advice to accelerate your technical career.

- How to apply:

To apply for Microsoft Student Summit or learn more about it, please follow this link.


These are just some of the many opportunities and events offered by Microsoft, be sure to check their page frequently for new updates!



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