🤖🧵Microsoft Fabric AI Hack Together: Create, Evaluate, and Score a Churn Prediction Model
Published Feb 28 2024 11:49 AM 835 Views

Hack Together: The Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hack

The Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hack is your playground for creating and experimenting with Microsoft Fabric. With mentorship from Microsoft experts and access to the latest tech, you will learn how to build AI solutions with Microsoft Fabric! The possibilities are endless for what you can create... plus you can submit your hack for a chance to win exciting prizes! 🥳

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Create, Evaluate, and Score a Churn Prediction Model 

Join us for another session of the Fabric AI Hack Together series and learn about a practical use case of AI: How to create, evaluate, and score a churn prediction model with Microsoft Fabric. 

🧠Get familiar with many of data-science features of Microsoft Fabric to create a comprehensive data analytics solution, from loading data into a Lakehouse, to exploring data and preparing model features with Data Wrangler. 

Train Machine Learning models with scikit-learn and LightGBM. Track your experiments with MLFlow using Fabric's auto-logging. Evaluate your model in a test dataset and finally show the model performance with PowerBI visualizations. 

And of course, you’ll interact with other data enthusiasts and experts, and get tips and tricks on how to make the most of your data.   

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