Meet the Microsoft Graph Product Group Leaders 28th November
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What is this event about?

 Don't forget to submit your project to the GitHub repository this week!

This is the final week of the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph Challenge!: 

In this first part of this session, we will update you on the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph Challenge:
- learning materials of the week
- most asked questions on GitHub discussions

The second part of this session, we'll introduce you to the Director of Developer Experience team in Microsoft Graph Product Group, Kristen Womack. She will join us for an interview to share her story and answer your questions.

Join this session to get to know Microsoft Graph Product Group Directors!

Please visit here for more information about 30 Days of Microsoft Graph: 

Who is it aimed at?

This session is for students, early career and professionals who are interested in learning a skill that can accelerate their career.
If you are interested in what Microsoft Graph can do across Microsoft ecosystem, this session is for you.

Why should you attend?

Did you know that you can access to all the data and intelligence behind the popular Microsoft 365 apps such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, To-Do, OneDrive, Planner and more? Microsoft Graph is the unified API for all the data and intelligence across Microsoft 365. That's why, it plays a critical role for developers who want to work across Microsoft ecosystem.

If you are planning a career upon Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Graph is the one thing you will need to learn. Join this session to skill up and win prizes while learning.


Kristen Womack:
Kristen is the Principal PM Manager for Microsoft Graph's DevX product management and content team. She has been working with APIs since 2008 and has built products and experiences at Fortune 100 companies, venture-backed scaling startups, and 0 to 1 greenfield projects. Kristen's experience ranges from SaaS, mobile apps, websites, SEO, low code, retail, healthcare, productivity, and more. She loves talking about product management and reading (2022 reading goal: 75 books).

Ayca Bas: 

Japhlet Nwamu: 


What is Microsoft Graph?
Millions of people across the globe use Microsoft apps in their personal lives, at school, or work. Microsoft Graph is the unified API that makes it possible to access the data and intelligence across Microsoft 365 core services. That's why, it plays a critical role for developers who want to work across Microsoft's ecosystem. 
With Microsoft Graph you can also access data behind the popular Microsoft apps such as Teams, Calendar, Outlook, To-Do, Planner and more.


Interesting part is you can build your own applications on top of Microsoft 365 platform by accessing the available data with the power of Microsoft Graph. You can

  • See what your organizations/students in your school/community are working on, 
  • Organize your day with a quick overview of upcoming meetings,
  • Get your to-do tasks every morning at 9am, or 
  • Receive unread chat messages as a summary.

Learning how to build apps with Microsoft Graph is a critical skill to work across Microsoft technologies. Throughout #30DaysOfMSGraph challenge, we will help you upskill with Microsoft technologies and ecosystem by learning and building apps with Microsoft Graph.

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