Mastering Serverless Chatbots with Azure and LangChain.js: A Comprehensive Guide
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Build Your Own Serverless ChatGPT with Azure and LangChain.js

Are you a technical student looking to dive into the world of serverless applications and AI? Look no further! Theserverless-chat-langchainjson GitHub, is a goldmine for anyone interested in creating a ChatGPT-like experience using the power of Azure and LangChain.js.

What is serverless-chat-langchainjs?

This repository provides a comprehensive guide to building a serverless chatbot,
that leverages Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) using LangChain.js and Azure. It’s designed to be a starting point for technical students and developers who want to build complex AI applications without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

This sample shows how to build a serverless ChatGPT-like experience with Retrieval-Augmented Generation using LangChain.js and Azure. The application is hosted on Azure Static Web Apps and Azure Functions, with Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore as the vector database. You can use it as a starting point for building more complex AI applications.

Key Components

  • Web App: A chat web component built with Lit, hosted on Azure Static Web Apps.
  • Serverless API: Utilizes Azure Functions and LangChain.js to process documents and generate user query responses.
  • Database: Stores text and vectors using Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore.
  • File Storage: Azure Blob Storage is used for storing source documents.

Why Should You Care?

  • Cost-Effective: Test the application locally without any cost using Ollama.
  • Simplicity: Azure serverless technologies simplify the AI application building process.
  • Customizable: Comes with sample data, but you can replace it with your own.

Getting Started

The quickest way to get started is by using GitHub Codespaces, which provides a preconfigured environment. 

Alternatively, you can set up your local environment by following the instructions provided in the repository.


The serverless-chat-langchainjs repository is an excellent resource for technical students eager to learn about serverless architectures and AI. It’s a practical example of how cloud technologies can be used to build powerful applications with ease.

So, why wait? Star the repository on GitHub and begin your serverless AI journey today!

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