Managing Workflows with the GitHub Actions Extension for VS Code
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If you're a developer, you've probably heard of GitHub, one of the most widely used sites for hosting and sharing source code. Have you ever heard of GitHub Actions? This amazing tool enables you to automate your workflow and make it more effective than ever before. Taking advantage of this cutting-edge technology is already simple, but the new GitHub Actions addon for VS Code makes it even more so.

GitHub Extension for VS CodeGitHub Extension for VS Code

What are GitHub Actions?


GitHub Actions is a feature that allows developers to automate your workflow, saving teams time and making it easier for them to communicate. When events occur, like a pull request being opened or code being published to a repository, Actions allow developers to define unique processes. These processes may consist of anything from doing tests to releasing code to sending out alerts.


GitHub Actions can streamline workflows and make your development process more efficient. Best of all, it's incredibly easy to get started. Simply create a YAML file in your repository and define your workflow. GitHub takes care of the rest, automatically executing your workflow whenever specified events occur.


Developers now have even more power and flexibility when working with GitHub Actions thanks to the release of the GitHub Actions Extension for VS Code. This addon delivers GitHub Actions' full capability to VS Code, allowing developers to design, amend, and run workflows without ever leaving the editor.


The GitHub Actions Extension for VS Code provides a range of powerful features, including:


  • Managing workflows: You make changes to your code, upload it to GitHub, and then CI workflows run unit and integration tests for every pushed branch. Visual Studio Code's Current Branch window summarizes the outcomes of all workflows for the branch you currently have checked out. You can also list accessible secrets and variables at all supported levels, including organization, repository, and environment, in addition to managing workflows and runs. 
  • Monitoring workflow runs: Workflows in your repository can be monitored in real time, stopped, and restarted, or new processes can be triggered manually. Without ever leaving VS Code, you may investigate issues at any level (runs, jobs, steps, and logs).
  • Workflow authoring: The majority of the existing extension's changes have been developed for authoring workflows. All experiences now adhere to the standard GitHub Actions model, and now employ a new GitHub Actions Expressions parser to provide further assistance and insight when utilizing expressions in your workflow. Features that improve the experience of editing workflows include:
    • Syntax highlighting for workflows and expressions: Improves understanding of complex expressions by indicating where values are introduced at runtime.
    • Integrated documentation: Workflow editing is quickened by minimizing the number of context switches required for the workflow schema, expression functions, and even event payloads.
    • Validation and code completion: Validation and code completion for the workflow schema, expression functions, event payloads, and job or step are provided immediately for GitHub Actions Expressions and the YAML schema.
    • Smart validation and code completion for actions and reusable workflows: For code completion and validation, the extension automatically parses parameters, inputs, and outputs for referenced actions and reusable workflows.


Getting started


Follow the steps below to try out the new GitHub Actions Extension for VS Code.


  1. Install VS Code: If you don't already have it, download and install Visual Studio Code.
  2. Install the GitHub Actions Extension: Once you have VS Code installed, open the extensions panel by clicking on the Extensions icon in the left-hand sidebar. Search for GitHub Actions in the search bar, and click the Install button to install the extension. The extension can also be installed via the Visual Studio Code Marketplace located on the web.
    Installing GitHub Actions VS Code ExtensionInstalling GitHub Actions VS Code Extension
  3. Sign into GitHub: To use the GitHub Actions Extension for VS Code, you'll need to sign into your GitHub account. If you don't already have a GitHub account, you can sign up for one for free on the GitHub website.

For developers, the GitHub Actions extension for VS Code is a game changer, allowing them to streamline their workflow and save valuable time. This extension helps you enhance the quality of your work and collaborate more effectively with your team by automating repetitive activities and enabling continuous integration and testing. 
So, what are you waiting for? Install the GitHub Actions extension for VS Code today and start automating your development workflow!


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