Learning AI with GitHub Copilot
Published May 09 2023 12:00 AM 10.4K Views

Did you know that you can learn AI with the help of an AI assistant?

Discover how this is possible with GitHub Copilot, by joining Carlotta and Gustavo in the new video series Learning AI with GitHub Copilot. They'll guide you in the AI domain, exploring machine learning fundamentals, demoing how to build a classification model, and then moving to more advanced algorithms - called neural networks - and their application to computer vision.


The full series is available on demand on both MS Learn and Youtube.


1st episode - Get Started!

Join Carlotta and Gustavo as they kick-off the Learning AI with GitHub Copilot series, designed for machine learning beginners wishing to get started with Python with the help of a special AI assistant.


2nd episode - Exploring machine learning fundamentals w GitHub Copilot

Did you know that you can ask Copilot questions about machine learning fundamentals? Let's explore basic domain knowledge by interacting with our AI assistant.


3rd episode - Building a classifier model with GitHub Copilot

Let's move from theory to practice! In this episode we are going to build a machine learning demo as a Python Jupyter notebook - using scikit-learn framework - by writing only natural language instructions (or prompts). GitHub Copilot will be doing the rest for us.


4th episode - Computer vision and PyTorch with GitHub Copilot

Have you been interested in an advanced topic but did not know how to approach learning it? Join us in exploring the new, complex topic of computer vision, as we leverage GitHub Copilot's assistance in learning and answering advanced questions!


5th episode - Analyzing Computer Vision PyTorch Notebook w GitHub Copilot Labs

Let's delve deeper into Computer Vision! In this episode we will be using a Visual Code extension called GitHub Copilot Labs, through which we will be asking Copilot to explain a complete notebook of code to better understand how it works, and how it uses computer vision to classify images.


6th episode - That's it! Happy coding! 

It's time to wrap up and share some useful tips to continue your learning journey with AI and GitHub Copilot!


Connect with the speakers

Meet Carlotta on LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlotta-...

Meet Gustavo on LinkedIn:https://linkedin.com/in/gcordidoa


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