Learn TV - Sharpen your AI Edge skills with Microsoft Learn and Oxford University 12th Oct 2020
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On October 12 at 1PM PDT, 9PM BST. Ayse Mutlu from the University of Oxford and Paul DeCarlo from Microsoft’s IoT Advocacy team will livestream an in-depth walkthrough of a custom Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipeline using Azure DevOps for IoT Edge Solutions. 

The content will be based on an interactive learning module from MS Learn that can be followed at your leisure at https://aka.ms/learnlive/cicd.

You can follow along with us live on October 12, or join the Microsoft IOT Cloud Advocates here in the forum https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/internet-of-things-iot/ct-p/IoT throughout October to ask your questions about CI / CD development with Azure DevOps for IoT Edge solution. 


Meet the Presenters



Paul DeCarlo 
Principal Cloud Advocate, Microsoft  


Session Details 

The Internet of Things is a technology paradigm that involves the use of internet connected devices to publish data often in conjunction with real-time data processing, machine learning, and/or storage services. Development of these systems can be enhanced through application of modern DevOps principles which include such tasks as automation, monitoring, and all steps of the software engineering process from development, testing, quality assurance, and release.  In this LearnTV Live session, we will create a DevOps solution for Azure IoT Edge devices. The solution will employ a CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) strategy using Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, and Azure Monitor Application Insights on a Kubernetes cluster.

Learn Live Module which will be discussed and demonstrated during the session: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/modules/implement-cicd-iot-edge/ 

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