#JulyOT – come learn IoT with us and share your projects
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In July we love to celebrate a whole month of IoT, sharing blog posts, videos, lessons, labs and other content created by Microsoft folks and the community. You can read more about this fun month on the JulyOT blog post. We hope this will inspire you to learn about the Internet of Things, create your own projects and share them with us. We also hope this might give you inspiration for summer projects if you are in the northern hemisphere, capstone projects for you or your students, or ideas for fun lessons on IoT.


What happened last week


Last week we shared a load of great content on AI and IoT, running AI models on IoT devices or Edge devices. From a TinyML powered nose, to a Lego Boost self-driving car powered by Azure Percept, we had fun projects for everyone interested in IoT and AI.





What’s happening this week


This week for JulyOT we are focusing on beginners, makers, students and teachers with the release of the IoT for beginners curriculum, a 24 lesson curriculum designed for teachers to use during a 12 week semester, or for students to use for self-guided learning on your own or in study groups. You can read more on the announcement post, but this week we’re encouraging you to dive deep, learn new things, and share your learnings.


We’re also running some live streams to teach the IoT for beginners content, with live lessons and office hours where you can join to discuss what you just learned. Head to the Microsoft Reactor Hello IoT page and sign up.





What’s happening next?


We don’t want to give away our secrets, so you’ll have to keep checking the JulyOT blog post for more details. This is updated every Thursday with links to the content for the week.


Get involved


We want you to get involved in #JulyOT and share your creations! Share what you have done on social media such as Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn and we’ll share it with the world.

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