Introduction to Microsoft Mesh
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Microsoft Mesh
, a new platform built on Microsoft Azure, enabling developers to build immersive, multiuser, cross-platform mixed reality apps. Microsoft Mesh enables its users to connect with presence, share across space, and collaborate in an immersive way as if they were in person regardless of physical location. Customers can leverage Mesh to enhance virtual meetings, conduct virtual design sessions, assist remotely better, learn together virtually, host virtual social gatherings and meet-ups.

Mesh-enabled apps:
 On top of the development platform, Microsoft Mesh also delivers some app experiences that bring the platform alive. The HoloLens 2 Mesh app and AltspaceVR with new enterprise capabilities are instantiations of the collaborative experience Mesh can light up for immersive headsets. These are just the first amongst many other experiences on their way, built by Microsoft and our partners.


Mesh developer platform is comprehensive, and the tools and capabilities are designed to help developers get started quickly and deliver engaging multiuser mixed reality experiences. As we learn from early adopters and preview customers, we’ll continue to evolve the SDK to support more engines and frameworks. If you have a compelling app scenario and would like to onboard to the preview, please join the MR developer program. This allows you to build your MR app with the help of some of the pioneers in the MR space and contribute to the Mesh platform along the way.


Resources on Microsoft Mesh

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If you want to be notified when the SDK is available, join the mixed reality developer program - invite people to join at very bottom of the website.

If you want to install a preview of a Mesh-enabled app on your HoloLens 2:

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