How to use GitHub Codespaces to Improve Student Learning
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Development containers, often known as dev containers, are containers that are designed to offer a fully featured development environment. You can set the dev container for a repository so that GitHub Codespaces created for that repository provide a customized development environment with all the required tools and runtimes for a particular project. Join GitHub Education PM Juan Pablo Flores Cortés as he speaks with Noah Gift, Founder of Pragmatic AI Labs, about the benefits of using GitHub Codespaces to provide a better learning experience for students, and Alfredo Deza and Sara Gibbons, Sr. Academic Cloud Advocates at Microsoft, about the availability of templates, videos, and step-by-step resources to get you started running, testing, debugging, and pushing code using this instant cloud developer environment. 


Juan Pablo Flores Cortés -
Noah Gift -
Alfedo Deza –
Sara Gibbons –

GitHub Codespaces Student Developer Pack Primer

What is GitHub Codespaces
Intro to GitHub Codespaces


00:00 – Title - How to use GitHub Codespaces to Improve Student Learning
00:07 – Intro with Juan Pablo Flores Cortés
02:03 - Benefits of using GitHub Codespaces with Noah Gift
17:00 – How to use the GitHub Codespaces Python template with Alfredo Deza
27:35 - How to use the GitHub Codespaces JavaScript template with Sara Gibbons
35:06 – Best practices in harnessing GitHub Codespaces to improve Student Learning

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