Global AI Student Conference 12 December 2020

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Global AI Student Conference

Join us on Saturday 12th of December 2020 from 09:00 till 17:00 GMT+00:00 Europe/London

Join the Global AI Student Conference for students by students and learn all about AI.


Learn more about the sessions and content which will be covered.


What is AI, and Why We Care

In this session, we will give a brief overview of the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as whole, and talk about why it is important for every student to learn the basics of AI/ML. ...

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Introduction to Machine Learning and an overview of popular algorithms.

This session would be meant for both beginners and intermediate level students in the field of machine learning. In this session, I would be introducing the basic idea of Machine learning, an overview ...

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How to protect the oceans with AI and Open Source?

Surfrider Foundation Europe NGO has become a reference in the fight for the protection of the ocean. Unexpectedly, this fight starts in the rivers. During this session, we'll see how a group of ...

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PySpark : Combining Machine Learning & Big Data

With the ever increasing flow of data, comes the industry focus on how to use those data for driving business & insights; but what about the size of the data these days, we have to deal with ? The ...

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Help! I can't find what I need.

We live in a world full of unstructured data, with data that is not easy to search in. Video/Audio/Images/PDF/... This talk will explain you how you can manage this documents and give your users the ...

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The current state and future of AI?

In this roundtable, we get together with AI researchers and evangelists to discuss the current successes of AI as a field, and look into the nearest future. ...

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Build a quiz generator from your notes

A demonstration on how to create a quiz generator which takes the pictures of your notes and put through the Azure Cognitive Services OCR we get the text, which we put through a jupyter notebook which ...

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Talk and Demo on Sound Identification and Classification with Tensorflow and Librosa

I aspire to conduct an interactive and implementation based workshop on the less explored format of data in Deep Learning i.e. The sounds. I would start the session with general information and ...

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Learning AI/ML: Is University the best place to do it?

With many teaching resources available online, including reputable Machine Learning courses like the one on Coursera, people might be tempted to think that they can learn AI/ML by themselves, and they ...

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My Story, the Story AI Tells; Bias & Privacy

With the new world of AI, there are ethical considerations with implementation. We have been thrust quickly and deeply in this new world in 2020. There are ethical implications with bias that need to ...

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Teaching your Models to play fair

It is very important to ensure fairness while building an AI system which can scale to a large number of users. Thus, I plan to first talk about how fairness is important while building AI apps. I ...

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Real Time Object Detection With TensorFlow

In this session, I will discuss about my project "Sign language detection with TensorFlow". I started this project with an idea to develop an application to bridge the gap that might help people who ...

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Anyone can AI with Azure Custom Vision

In this talk, we'll cover the basics of Azure's Custom Vision service. We'll begin with a low-code example and then transition to discussing and implementing some use cases that are changing the world ...

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How to Build Successful Career in AI/ML

In this roundtable, we will hear different opinions on what would be the best way to build a career in data science. From taking part in Kaggle competitions to Hackathons, there are many paths that ca ...

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