Global AI Conference 2023
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Date: December 12, 2023
Live Event Time: 09:00 UTC | 14:30 IST | 04:00 EST


The Global AI Conference, an event by the Global AI Community, that brings together Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiasts from all over the world. The event includes 30+ virtual sessions, with 9+ in-person locations all over the world. The event is open to all who are passionate about AI including AI developers, students, professionals and entrepreneurs.

How you can participate

There are various ways you can participate in the conference:
  1. You can join the 12-hour worldwide livestream. The livestream will include two tracks one for Students which is hosted by Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors, at the Microsoft ADC office in Kenya and will focus on an introduction to AI and a Developers track to explore what's new in AI.
  2. Join a local in-person experience of the conference. There are 12 in-person locations including in the US, Netherlands, Germany, India, Canada, Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia and Bangladesh.
  3. Chat and connect with experts on the Discord Channel.
  4. A chance to earn a conference badge and showcase on social media after attending the conference.

Sessions I am looking forward to!



Empowering Educators: Automated Assignment Scoring via Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT by Cyrus Wong and Markus Tsang

One of the use cases of Generative AI is automating repetitive tasks, and in this session the speakers share how they automate grading student assignments. It's impressive to see how they were able to grade 70 essays in less than 10 minutes 🤯.

Build your own AI sidekick with .NET 8, Semantic Kernel, and Azure AI by Matt Eland

Since the launch of GitHub Copilot, I have dubbed coding with Copilot as "Buddy Driven Development." In a sense you have a companion right there in your editor helping you in your development process. This session goes beyond your coding environment and shows you how you can develop you own AI buddy in other applications and is something I am really looking forward to learning.

Deconstructing Hugging Chat: Explore an open-source Chat UI for Generative AI Apps by Nitya Narasimhan

Getting behind the scene and learning how the "Hugging Chat" app is built, deployed and how it can be customized is something I'm really interested in learning. In addition, Nitya, will be doing all this using GitHub Codespaces and Copilot which means, you don't need to install anything for the session!!

Herding LLMs Towards Structured NLP by Raphael Mitsch

In the Era of Generative AI, creating Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications has never been easier. In this session Raphael discusses spacy-llm, and I'm interested in learning how to fast track and build more robust NLP apps.


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