Getting Started with Databases: SQL and Data Visualizations Basics
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Getting Started with Databases: SQL and Data Visualizations Basics


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Speakers: Korey Stegard-Pace and Carlotta Castelluccio 

When: WED, SEPT 21 · 18:00 CEST
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What is this session about?

The importance of learning SQL cannot be argued against. The requirement for SQL skills on job description expands to more than just traditional developer roles.

This follow-along session will help you get started with learning SQL by showing real examples of how to read and write to a SQL database. Data is only important by what we can learn from it so we will also cover how you can take data, explore it with SQLlite in an R notebook and build visualizations that tell a story, with the tidyverse framework.

You'll acquire SQL and data visualization with R basics skills while solving a business problem: let's imagine that you work for a  new Swedish Italian Wine and Chocolate company - Korlotta - that would like to start selling wine and chocolate packages. Before launching their products on the market, they asked you to analyze competitors' data. 


Why should you attend?

SQL is a critical skill for almost anyone working in technology due to its popularity and the importance of data in daily work. This session will help you get a good foundation of SQL, writing queries and building visualizations from those queries using R and the tidyverse framework.


Who should attend?

Anyone interested in learning the basics of writing SQL queries and creating data visualizations.

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Speakers Bio

Korey Stegared-Pace – Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Korey has a passion for both educating and inspiring others on what is possible with AI and how they can use it to build a new generation of products. He has mentored and guided startups through both the challenges and successes of working with AI. As a Cloud Advocate in the Microsoft Stockholm Reactor, his main goal is to expand AI literacy, support developers, and grow the AI community in Stockholm and beyond.

Carlotta Castelluccio – Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Carlotta Castelluccio is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, focused on Data Analytics and Data Science. As a member of the Developer Relationships Academic team, she works on skilling and engaging educational communities to create and grow with Azure Cloud, by contributing to technical learning content and supporting students and educators in their learning journey with Microsoft technologies. Before joining the Cloud Advocacy team, she have been working as an Azure and AI consultant in Microsoft Industry Solutions team, mainly involved in customer-face engagements focused on Conversational AI solutions.


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