Get started with Docker and Containers.
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Docker solves a lot of problems like:


- Creating a reproduceable environment, great if you want Dev, Staging and Pro environment to look the same.

- Helps with onboarding. Onboarding developers used to take weeks, before they had installed all the programs, all the libraries, configured everything correctly.

- Works on my machine AND in the Cloud. The Docker container is a black box that runs the same everywhere because you specify what's in there from, variables, libs, your app, and hosting layer.

- Microservice architecture, a lot of system today are split up into many small pieces APIs. To build all of these small pieces you need a container technology like Docker.


UC San Diego recently produced the following ACM paper on using DevContainer environments to create students development environments. Using DevContainers to Standardize Student Development Environments: (Sander Valstar, William G. Griswold and Leo Porter) (ACM PDF paper)


As a new developer, learning about using containers is a must as so many Companies use it and it's used everywhere from Web, to ML to IoT.


Below is collection of beginner resources. There's a list of articles if you are completely new to Docker but there's also a set of LEARN modules on the topic that I highly recommend having a look at. The LEARN modules teaches some fundamentals but also how to use different Cloud services with Docker.


It's worth emphasizing that: The Docker skills you get to work locally is something you can bring to the Cloud.



Microsoft Learn Resources 


Microsoft Learn is where everyone comes to learn. Discover new skills, find certifications, and advance your career in minutes with interactive, hands-on learning paths.

We have a good starting collection for Docker based learning


If you are new to the Cloud then we have a dedicated Microsoft Learn page for students which help you get started

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