Get into Ops/DevOps with this PowerShell LEARN module
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Ops has traditionally been an important part of any companies' IT personnel. They are the ones who've made sure the apps are up and running. They know everything about logging, security, networking and more. Ops continue to be an important part at many companies. There's even new versions of Ops like DevOps, DevSecOps and more. More and more companies are moving to the Cloud. This move has meant that you spend less time worrying about backups or scaling and that you can now spend time on more interesting tasks such as how to build out your business.




PowerShell has traditionally been a way to manage your IT operations on Windows, to automate workflows like user management, batching and more. Today, PowerShell is a cross platform language and shell that can do a lot more, like supporting you with CI/CD and also manage cloud resources.


Learning PowerShell


PowerShell comes with a lot of built-in commands, so called cmdlets. It might be a bit intimidating to try to understand all that but you're not supposed to. It's perfectly fine to learn PowerShell one little piece at a time by knowing the so called "core cmdlets". That and many other things is covered in this introductory module on PowerShell. So check it out Learn PowerShell 

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