Developers Guide to AI
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving innovative solutions across all industries, but with machine learning (ML) applying a paradigm change to how we approach building products, we are all exploring how to expand our skill sets and enhance our applications.  


In this session we  won’t be able to teach you how to become a data scientist. But in this on demand session you can spend  3 hours, showing you how to build on your current developer skills to integrate AI services into your business applications and also set you up on your journey to become certified in AI Fundamentals.  


During the session we will show you interesting technology through the lens of real business scenarios and to do that we would like to introduce you to Tailwind Traders. Tailwind Traders is a retail company looking for support on how to benefit from applying AI across their business. In 'Developers Guide to AI’ we will show how Tailwind Traders have solved business challenges and implemented AI technologies. 


In this online learning series and associated Microsoft Learn learning paths you will see a wide range of examples: dealing with different types of data (text, audio, image, unstructured), sharing best practices around unstructured search and conversational AI or taking your next step in learning more about machine learning theory with low code solutions. 


Session Content 



Introduction to the show and what we want people to achieve. 

Introducing Computer Vision for Automation in Changing Times 

Cognitive Services: Computer Vision 

Interview: Willem Mentis (Global AI Community, AI MVP) 

Working with Computer Vision technologies in the real world 

Extracting Value from Text and Audio to Inform Business Strategy 

Cognitive Services: Text and Speech 

Interview:  James Mann (UK) AI MVP 

 Working with Text data and extracting insights 

Making Sense of your Unstructured Data with AI 

Azure Cognitive Search  

Interview: Kokila Katyal (BP) / Adelina Balasa (Microsoft) 

 Unstructured search in the real world 

Improve Customer Engagement and Productivity with Conversational AI 

Microsoft Bot Framework Composer + LUIS + QNA Maker 

Interview: Product Group – Senior PM Microsoft Bot Composer Team Gary Pretty 

Conversational AI, Bot Framework, and the future of this space 

Start Building Machine Learning Models Faster than You Think 

Azure Machine Learning Designer 

Interview: Marta Rodriguez Martinez lead data science coach at WhiteHat 

Getting started on your data science journey.  

Q&A / Summary Session  

All guests back on for live Q&A 


 More details on MS Learn and Certification 


On Demand Session 


Resources & Links from the session. 

AI Fundamentals certification page

Microsoft Computer vision

Microsoft Text and Speech

Microsoft Cognitive search

Microsoft Conversational AI

Azure Machine Learning designer

Build a Custom Vision model in 10 mins

Interested in using Computer Vision with Virtual Reality? Sample code on github 

Microsoft Azure Forms Recogniser

Azure Cognitive Services Power Skills Github repository

Microsoft Bot Framework Composer Docs

Microsoft Machine Learning Algorithm Cheat Sheet




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