Data Analysis Challenge: Impact of Weather Conditions on Air Quality
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Quick Question

How Good are you with answering business questions using Microsoft Power BI? You don't have to rate yourself on any scale, I have a challenge for you.

Consider the use case described below and the accompanied data, carry out a detailed analysis using Microsoft Powr BI. This is the only way to convince me how good you are with answering business questions.


Use Case Description


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A company in the environmental consulting industry is seeking to analyze the air quality in a specific city during hot and cold weather, during high-wind conditions and during precipitation. They are interested in making recommendations to the government and businesses in the region on how to mitigate the impact of weather conditions on air quality.  


As a Data Analyst, you are expected to analyze the data provided, seek insights and make recommendations to achieve the set objectives.

Additionally, kindly use this dataset to analyze the historical impact of weather conditions on air quality, and make predictions on air quality during specific weather conditions. This information could be used to inform emergency response plans and prepare for potential air quality issues.


Feel free to explore your creativity while solving this challenge.


Challenge Dataset


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The data set can be found here 

This data set has been sourced from the Machine Learning Repository of University of California, Irvine Beijing PM2.5 Data Set (UC Irvine).
The UCI page mentions the following publication as the original source of the data set:

Liang, X., Zou, T., Guo, B., Li, S., Zhang, H., Zhang, S., Huang, H. and Chen, S. X. (2015). Assessing Beijing's PM2.5 pollution: severity, weather impact, APEC and winter heating. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 471, 20150257


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