Beginner's Series to: Dev Containers
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Using a Docker container as a development environment has many great benefits, such as easily switching between different languages and toolsets and providing all your teammates a consistent machine configuration. But what's the best way to get started with containers? And what if you aren't a Docker expert?

Well look no further, because we've created a series of videos about dev containers in Visual Studio Code! We'll show you how to get, create, and configure a container-based development environment with the VS Code Remote - Containers extension.


By the end of this series, you'll be able to configure any project so that it runs inside a Docker container. You can further review the content we cover by checking out the Remote - Containers Microsoft Learn Module:



You can also continue your learning with the following resources:
Main Remote Containers Documentation:
Remote - Containers Tutorial:
Step-by-step Create a Dev Container Doc:
How educators can use dev containers:
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File a feature request or issue on Visual Studio Code Remote GitHub Repo:

Watch the entire series: Beginner's Series to: Dev Containers | Channel 9 (


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