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Microsoft Education is committed to supporting educators and learners with engaging and inclusive learning experiences, wherever teaching and learning happens. Whether you teach and learn in a physical classroom, online, or in a hybrid mode, Microsoft Education has the tools and resources to help you achieve your goals. One of the ways we do this is by integrating our products and services with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS). Building on our previous work to bring Microsoft 365 documents, Microsoft Teams collaboration, OneNote Class Notebooks, and Microsoft Reflect into LMS platforms, our new integration of Teams Assignments represents a leap forward in bringing more of the unique value of Microsoft Education directly to LMS users.


Achieve More with Assignments in your LMS

The new Teams Assignments integration brings unique new capabilities into your LMS, saving educators time, and providing powerful tools to accelerate learning.  For example, with Teams assignments you can:

  • Leverage AI during assignment creation to rapidly draft assignment descriptions and rubrics
  • Accelerate student learning with powerful tools like Reading Progress, Search Progress, and Speaker Progress
  • Deliver quizzes with Microsoft Forms
  • Access unique assignment types such as Microsoft Whiteboard, MakeCode, and Flip video
  • Use Reflect exit check-ins to understand student sentiment related to assignments

Teams Assignments are seamlessly integrated with LMS assignments via the Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) v1.3 Advantage standard. As an educator, you can create new Teams assignments or link existing Teams assignments in your LMS course.  Once linked, you can view and access those assignments as you would any other assignment in the LMS course. Your students can view and access their Teams assignments in the same way as their other LMS assignments. Assignment grades in Teams are automatically imported into the LMS gradebook. You can now use the best that Teams assignments and your LMS offer working together, instead of working alongside each other.


Create and link Teams Assignments in an LMS course.Create and link Teams Assignments in an LMS course.


Access and complete assignments in an LMS course.Access and complete assignments in an LMS course.


Grades automatically post back to the LMS gradebook.Grades automatically post back to the LMS gradebook.


This new integration is currently in private preview for PowerSchool Schoology Learning and Canvas. Support for additional LMS platforms will be added soon. You can sign up here for information on current and future previews.


Choose the Right Tool for the Right Assignment

Many educators are already using the OneDrive LTI® tool to bring M365 documents into LMS assignments. The new Teams Assignments LTI® tool is a complementary solution that brings unique capabilities of Teams for Education to LMS users. When creating an assignment in your LMS, you should choose the tool that best meets the needs of the specific assignment. Whatever the choice of tool, the assignment can be viewed and accessed like any other assignment in the LMS, and grades will be added into the LMS gradebook.



Teams Assignments LTI® tool

OneDrive LTI® tool

What is it best used for?

Learning Accelerators, Forms Quizzes, Whiteboard, MakeCode, Flip video, AI-assisted assignment creation, and any other features exclusive to Teams Assignments

Embedding or linking M365 documents in course content; Collaborative editing of documents; Assignments to be completed in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel

When opened in the LMS, where are assignments completed and turned in?

Microsoft Teams

Word, PowerPoint, or Excel

Where are assignments graded?

In Microsoft Teams, with grades automatically copied back to the LMS gradebook.

In the LMS, using the native LMS capabilities.

Requires Microsoft Teams for Education?





Leverage Microsoft Education for more than Assignments in your LMS

The new Teams assignments integration is the latest advancement in our continued efforts to bring the full value of Microsoft Education to users of learning management systems. You can already use the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, OneNote Class Notebooks, Microsoft Reflect directly within LMS courses. You can learn more about these integrations with leaning management systems such as Blackboard Learn, Brightspace, Canvas, Schoology Learning and Moodle in our previous overview, and our support page.

Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) is a trademark of the 1EdTech Consortium, Inc. (www.1edtech.org)


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