Top 10 Microsoft Forms templates for educators
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Are you tired of spending countless hours on administrative tasks instead of focusing on what you do best - teaching? Well, we have some exciting news for you! We've compiled a list of the top 10 templates for EDU users that will help you streamline your workload, improve school events, and promote student engagement. Let's dive in and explore these fantastic templates!


Course evaluation survey: assess various aspects of a course like teaching performance, content and experience.


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Community volunteer registration form: encourage students volunteering and review responses to promote and coordinate volunteering activities.  


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University course enrollment form: assist students with enrollment and confirm their registration.


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Holiday party invitation: create fun and engaging invitations with festive graphics and customizable fields for important party details.


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Sports team registration form: streamline the process of enrolling new students into a sports club.


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Social activity club registration: gather information from respondents who are interested in joining a social activity club.  


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Students remote learning survey: assess students' remote learning needs for additional school resources and support.


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Market research survey: create a customized survey for students to distribute and collect data.


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School trip parental consent form: get permission from parents or guardians, including trip details, emergency contacts, and signature section for consent.


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English grammar test: for teachers to assess student knowledge, including various question types and media, and for self-testing by students.


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Explore more templates

There are more categories of well-designed templates available beyond the top 10, which can help you get started quickly. Check them out below and see which ones suit your needs!



Feedback and evaluation surveys



Registration and sign-up forms



Quizzes and assessments



Requests and workflows


If you're interested in seeing the complete EDU end-to-end experience in action, we've got you covered. Check out the video below for a process from start to finish.

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