Solving Microsoft Teams Grade Passback with Authentica Solutions
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As the current school year ends, and educators prepare for the next academic term, many school technology leaders are looking for a fresh approach to streamline their practices and simplify their data integrations. With the discontinuation of Grade Sync for Microsoft Teams, they are seeking innovative solutions to simplify data management processes, especially concerning the transfer of assignments and grade data from Microsoft Teams.   


Authentica seed™ for Teams Grade Passback 

Authentica Solutions Grade Passback offering is a turnkey integration that allows the synchronization of assignments and grade data from Microsoft Teams to a variety of Student Information Systems via OneRoster API.   


Key benefits 

  • Supports grade categories in teams and matches with the SIS to minimize manual updates.  
  • Synchronizes additional metadata such as student assignment feedback.  
  • Data quality checks and filtering to ensure accurate Assignment and grade data.  
  • Advanced error handling to spot common data quality issues that helps IT assist teachers in resolving them.  
  • Dashboards to get insights into Teams usage statistics.  
  • Monitor integration history and synchronization health.  
  • End to end encryption in transferring assignments and grades both during transit and at rest.    

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Saves time for Teachers and IT Staff 

The benefits of seed™ extend beyond simplifying data integration processes; they directly impact educators and administrators alike. For teachers, Authentica seed™ eliminates the need for double entry between Microsoft Teams and the Student Information System (SIS), saving valuable time and reducing administrative burden. The automated synchronization feature ensures that data syncs seamlessly according to predefined schedules, allowing teachers to focus on what matters most— students.  

Administrators and IT staff also reap significant benefits from Authentica seed™. The platform provides improved analytics on data sync, offering insights into successes, logs, and usage metrics. This enhanced visibility enables administrators to monitor sync activity effectively and address any issues promptly, ensuring the smooth operation of educational systems. Added peace of mind knowing all data is encrypted and secure.   


More about Authentica seed™ 

Authentica seed™, an Education Intelligence Platform that combines enterprise class iPaaS capability and modern Lakehouse data storage with its EduLake™, to meet the integration and data warehousing needs in education.  While Authentica seed™ for Teams Grade Passback is a turnkey solution, you get access to a platform to help solve other integration and data quality challenges. It boasts a wide range of features designed to streamline data integration processes.  


One of the standout features of the seed™ platform is its robust system monitoring capabilities. It offers ongoing monitoring of integration processes, enabling the identification and resolution of integration issues. This proactive approach ensures smooth data flow and minimizes disruptions, enhancing overall efficiency and reliability.  


Grade Passback, School Data Sync (SDS) and More 

This fall, school districts will recognize even greater benefit by using the seed™ Platform in processing their SDS data. By using seed to validate, cleanse and filter data, and users can troubleshoot and prevent many common data challenges. Using seed™ puts control and visibility into the hands of the district, so they decide not only what data gets synced from the SIS, but also filtering out the data they want excluded from sync. Authentica Solutions also has a professional services team that specializes in SDS support, and their expertise is already improving the SDS experience for education clients.  



In an educational landscape characterized by evolving technology and increasing data complexity, the need for efficient data management solutions has never been greater. Authentica Solutions' seed™ platform offers a comprehensive iPaaS solution built by education technologists specific to the unique needs of educational institutions. From streamlining data integration processes to empowering educators and administrators with actionable insights, seed™ represents a transformative step towards simplifying data management in schools. As educators seek innovative ways to get more actionable insights and drive change, Authentica Solutions and their seed™ platform stands ready to facilitate success, every step of the way. Take the first step! 

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