School Data Sync's new Class Cleanup and Expired Class Management features are here!
Published Aug 08 2018 09:00 AM 17.5K Views

With the new school year set to begin soon, the School Data Sync (SDS) team is releasing new capabilities for expired class management. If you’re not familiar with SDS, it is an identity synchronization solution that syncs Student information Systems to Office 365. SDS creates an Office 365 Group and Class Team for each class synced. These new cleanup features will make term and school year transition much easier, with simple one-click options to Set Class Expiration Dates, Mark Classes Expired, Archive Class Teams, and Remove Students from Classes.


Get started by setting class expiration dates on new and existing sync profiles.




When the Expiration Date occurs, you’ll get 3 new cleanup actions you can run against all classes sync under the profile:

  • Mark Classes Expired - Append several class attributes with Expmmyy. This action allows teachers, students, and admins to easily distinguish between the old and expired classes and new and active classes.
  • Archive Teams - Set each Class Team to read-only mode, and mark the Team as archived. This allows the Team content to remain accessible to teachers and students but blocks new content from being added to the Team.
  • Remove Students for Classes - Remove students from each Class Team and Office 365 Group. This removes the students access to the class and its content. No content is removed however, and access can always be granted back by the teacher if needed.




We are excited to launch these new features just in time for the new school year. For more information on how to use these new features, please visit our full documentation on term transition and class expiry. If you would like assistance setting up SDS for the next school year, please signup and we’ll help you deploy for free! If you want help running class cleanup, please contact our SDS Support Team and we'll help get you cleaned up and ready for Back to School!


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