Prezi Video in Microsoft Teams brings fun and engaging online learning experiences to your classroom

Published 05-20-2020 07:00 AM 10.6K Views

We are thrilled to announce the new integration of Prezi Video on Microsoft Teams! Prezi Video is a visual communication tool that puts you and your content together on the same screen – helping you easily build stunning and interactive videos for the classroom with no video editing expertise required.


With Prezi Video and Microsoft Teams, you can record mini-lessons, study guides, and new assignments in your virtual classroom all while in Teams – allowing for real-time student engagement and collaboration.


Maintain the teacher-to-student connection

Maintaining the teacher-to-student human connection is even more important in this remote, online learning environment. With Prezi Video, strengthen the connection with your students and school community by keeping the teacher and content together on the same screen for a powerful and effective learning experience and drive communication and collaboration all within Microsoft Teams.


Easy-to-use video for online learning

Create short video lectures, lessons, and assignments easily with pre-made templates and high-quality images available in Prezi Video. You can create interactive and engaging videos – helping focus your students’ attention on the important content, without the need for a design background or video editing skills.


Engaging and fun for students

Empower students to express themselves and show their learning in new ways. Video presentations ask students to synthesize their learning in words, and with Prezi Video they can combine what they say with visual images and text, helping them to think more critically and communicate more clearly, in their own voice.


Get started today

If you haven’t already, install Prezi Video from Microsoft AppSource and connect your Prezi Video account to start building engaging videos for your online classroom today!


Learn more about Prezi Video for Educators here.


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Looking forward to use Prezi videos for my young scholars!! Thank you MicrosoftEdu...for never ending support!!

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Why would I use Prezi instead of PowerPoint?

Occasional Visitor

Why is Microsoft not working with Prezi to create a fix or a workaround to access the Prezi Camera in the Teams App for Mac computers?

I realize this is Microsoft and providing access on Macs may be lower priority, but I have student who wish to use Prezi for their presentations via Teams, this is what our University utilizes and some need to use the campus Mac computers.


Forcing them to Teams in a browser greatly reduces the quality. Very disappointed with Microsoft discriminating against Macs during COVID. It is a petty move. Reminiscent of the Microsoft reputation of old.

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