Introduction to the Data Science Process
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Rock-it with Data Science!


We are excited to collaborate with Club for the Future and introduce your students to the data science process. In this free and interactive Excel based curriculum, students use data and a step-by-step data science process to simulate the decision-making process that data scientists in a command center use to give a Go/No-Go signal for a rocket launch. Get ready to inspire your students and launch their data science journey in your classroom!


Get Free ‘Intro to the Data Science Process’ Resources from Microsoft Learn Educator Center: In this mission, students first formulate and ask questions related to factors that influence the stability of a rocket as it travels through the atmosphere. Then, they organize the data using Excel tools to gain meaningful insights. Next, students learn how to create charts and graphs using an AI enhanced feature in Excel. In the final step, students interpret the visualized data to make a Go/No-Go determination for a rocket launch. Throughout the mission, students hear from real data scientists about how they use data every day! With successful completion of all mission steps, students earn Space Data badges and a completion certificate.


For detailed lesson plans, interactive Excel workbooks, engaging videos, and Flip prompts, visit the Microsoft Learn Educator Center.





Our students are entering a world defined by data.  Now, more than ever, data is utilized to gain a better understanding of the world around us. Advancements in technology allow us to collect larger amounts of data more efficiently and use it in new ways, increasing the need for students to better understand how data science can be applied. Prepare your students by tapping into their creativity and curiosity today with Club for the Future and Microsoft Hacking STEM –  rock-it with data science! 

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