Improved Experience for Real-Time Form & Quiz Responses
Published Sep 22 2023 08:00 AM 4,227 Views

The Forms live presentation feature is a crowd favorite, receiving an abundance of positive feedback since its initial release. It effectively bridges the gap between form owners and their audience, significantly elevating engagement levels. We've recently updated the live presentation experience to be even more immersive and seamless when you present your forms or quizzes. Let's delve into these exciting changes! You can also try out these improvements from this amazing template or watch the video of these improvements below.


Fresh design style

When you switch to the “present” mode, you'll find that you have extra space available to showcase your questions and display more content. Additionally, you can include images without worrying about any cutoff or cropping, ensuring your options are fully displayed.

New user interfaceNew user interface


New format for easy-to-interpret responses

Treemap is a new format to present your questions and responses. You can use the treemap view to visualize the most and least popular answers in real time as they scale based on the number of responses for each option. You also have the flexibility to switch between the treemap and bar view, depending on your specific scenario. 

Switch between treemap and bar viewSwitch between treemap and bar view


View details of open-text responses

For open-text questions, you now have the option to present detailed responses in the “present” mode. Once you've collected a sufficient number of responses for your open-text questions, you can seamlessly switch between viewing a word cloud highlighting key terms or delving into the detailed responses for a deeper analysis.

View details of open-text responsesView details of open-text responses


Show/Hide the QR code

You now have the flexibility to decide whether to display or conceal the QR code and URL. You can hide the QR code to present additional content or stop receiving further responses.

Show/Hide QR codeShow/Hide QR code


Expand to full screen mode

You can enter full-screen mode by clicking the icon located in the upper-right corner. In this mode, only your question will be displayed, and the title bar and feedback button in the lower-right corner will be hidden.

Full screen modeFull screen mode


These improvements will initially be available to EDU users and gradually roll out to all users by the end of September. Try out these improvements from this amazing template.

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