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Let’s have a global and multilingual conversation on Twitter to discuss Feedback and Motivation. How are you using Microsoft tools such as OneNote, Flipgrid, Forms, in addition to Microsoft Teams features such as Assignments, Praise and Insights to support your students in taking ownership of their learning? We’d also love to know which Microsoft Partner solutions and other edtech tools you use for this purpose. 

TweetMeet date and time 

We look forward to welcoming you to the #TeamsEduChat TweetMeet on this topic on Tuesday, May 17 at 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 3pm BST.  


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Discussion questions 

We’ll discuss five questions. Now is a good time to start preparing your answers: 

Q1. What role do feedback and motivation play in education? 

Q2. What factors contribute to successful feedback? 

Q3. Which guidelines do you follow to provide motivational feedback? 

Q4. What types of feedback do you find more effective? 

Q5. Which tools do you recommend to motivate and give feedback to your students? 


What are TweetMeets at @TweetMeet? 

TweetMeets are monthly, global, and multilingual conversations on Twitter around a specific topic relevant for educators. TweetMeets are also slow chats, which means that if our event hours are less convenient for you, you can join the conversation at a later time that suits you best. 


How can I join? 

The main account to follow is @TweetMeet, where we publish tips, challenges, and resources. 


At event time, the @TweetMeet account will start publishing the five discussion questions 10 minutes apart. All participants can then respond to these questions from their perspective. 


For TweetMeet best practices, check the introductory Sway at TweetMeet Starter Guide, embedded here:



TweetMeets Tips for newcomers

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Microsoft highly welcomes newcomers to the TweetMeets. 


Our best TweetMeet Tips in a nutshell: 

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Microsoft tools for feedback and motivation 

Microsoft Education offers multiple tools and features that help you provide your students with more meaningful feedback and increase their motivation: 


Other Microsoft resources to inspire your students: 

Join the TweetMeet webinar on Saturday, May 14 

This month’s hosts invite you to join their webinar about Feedback and Motivation and the TweetMeets. It takes place on Saturday, May 14 at 10-11am EDT. 

Mark your calendar with this *.ics calendar link. Alternatively, use the direct meeting-join link at event time. 


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This webinar will be recorded.  

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Introducing our hosts 

After weeks of preparation for this TweetMeet, our new crew is thrilled to engage with you on their favorite topic of well-being in teaching and learning. 

Check out their profiles, consider following them, and engage with their tweets through this month’s Twitter List. 


Heba Al-Harris (@ElharrisHeba) – Edu-tech Coordinator, English teacher from Mansoura, Egypt 

Enthusiastic about getting engaged with revolutionizing the future of education. I love to help teachers create safe environments for children to grow. 


Jérôme Nogues (@JeNoMfl) – Head of Languages and Digital Learning from Shrewsbury, England, UK 

I love using Ed Tech in the classroom to enhance my students' learning and train my colleagues and other teachers develop their IT skills. 


John Pauls (@edtechjohnlewis) – Instructional Designer from Jacksonville, FL USA 

I am passionate about technology because it can provide equity, inclusivity, and innovation if implemented and supported strategically. Technology can change the world! 


Katrina Fossella (@MsFossella) – Media Specialist from Pembroke Pines, FL USA 

I advocate for school libraries and making books accessible to all. I’m passionate about tech that amplifies student voice and motivates learners in early literacy. 


Laila Taik (@LailaTaik) – Teacher, Coordinator from Berrechid, Morocco 


Lars Rood (@larsrood) – Technology Integration Specialist from Seattle, WA USA 

I'm passionate about education and believe that the integration of digital tools into instruction will create new innovative opportunities for learning. 


Linda Parsons (@Digilin_) – Innovation Lead from United Arab Emirates 

Passionate about training teachers to create future relevant student learning experiences, every day. Looking forward to talking about how Microsoft tools can create your Digital Classroom! 


Melissa Schroeder-Hribal (@Schroederhribal) – Primary Teacher and Digital Contact from Brantford, Canada 

Passionate teacher who advocates strongly for student voice, coaching teachers to show students how to use assistive tools to enable student well-being, success, and achievement. 


Monika Khan (@MonikaKhanEDU) – Teacher from Rzeszów, Poland 

I'm an English teacher who's accompanied hundreds of students in their educational journey, building on their strengths and being supported by technology. 


Sharon Lightfoot (@MrsLStPatricks) – Class Teacher from Greenock, Scotland, UK 

I love to develop strong relationships with my young learners and inspire them daily, from which, effective learning may truly evolve. 


Steve Martinez (@Martinez_Edtech) – Classroom Teacher from Modesto, CA USA 

I love being part of student growth right. I am passionate about Flipped Classroom and Project-Based Learning. 


Walberto Flores (@walbertoflores) – Educational Technology Coordinator from San Salvador, El Salvador 

I’m passionate about the possibilities offered by technology for personal and professional growth. 


Spanish and Arabic language tracks this month 

Thanks to our Spanish-speaking host Walberto and to our Arabic-speaking hosts Heba and Laila, we are proud to offer this month’s TweetMeet discussion questions in Spanish and Arabic at the respective hashtags #TweetMeetES and #TweetMeetAR. 



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