Bringing Immersive Reader to Excel for the web
Published May 23 2023 08:26 AM 3,518 Views

We’re excited to announce that Immersive Reader is now available in Excel for the web! Immersive Reader lets you customize your reading experience to be most comfortable to you, resulting in increased reading speed, increased comprehension, and fewer errors while reading. Also, with Immersive Reader supporting translation to 116 languages and locales, it makes it easier to read spreadsheets that may have a lot of text or instructions.


In Excel for the web, the following customizations are now available through Immersive Reader. All customizations change only your view and will not affect the spreadsheet for others.

  • Reading content aloud
  • Translating content on-the-fly
  • Increasing character spacing and line spacing
  • Breaking words into syllables
  • Focusing on one or only a few lines at once
  • Changing the background color of the view
  • Highlighting certain parts of speech
  • Associating a picture with a word using the Picture Dictionary

Try Immersive Reader today in Excel for the web by selecting text and then right-clicking or opening the context menu on a cell that you want to read and selecting Immersive Reader from the list. You can also select text and find Immersive Reader on the View ribbon tab or press the keyboard shortcut Alt + W + R. For more details, check out the support article.

Excel for Web IR.png


Immersive Reader shows text. Verbs, adjectives, and adverbs are each highlighted in a different color, and additional spacing is added between words and letters.

Mike Tholfsen

Group Product Manager

Microsoft Education


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