A new way to search at school with Microsoft Search in Bing
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We are very excited to launch our new Microsoft Search in Bing features uniquely designed to connect you with the info and answers you need for school. Spend less time searching and more time doing what the classroom is for—teaching and learning!


Our goal with this new search experience is to make managing school work, assignments, and tasks as easy as searching the web, for both educators and students. There's no setup required and getting started is as easy as going to Bing.com, signing in with your school account, and searching.

Here’s what you can find:





Look up your assignments and classes


On Bing, you will be able to search and find your school specific information, like your classes and assignments from Teams, and much more.



See your upcoming classes and join them easily with Microsoft Teams.



Students can find out which homework assignment is due next and start working on it with just a click.



Find answers to common questions about your school and links to popular resources and tools.



See your profile, connect with other teachers, and more.

Pick up where you left off


On Bing, you will be able to look up and find files, conversations, site you access often easily, saving a lot of time having to locate these.



Get quick access to your documents and files, as well as files others have shared with you. To keep your school's info private and secure, you can only find files you have access to.



Read messages sent to you in private chats and see what other teachers and students have said in public conversations.



Find SharePoint sites and other school pages you have access to.


Get info and answers faster

Here are a few other things you can do on Bing to improve yours and your students productivity.



Look up definitions for acronyms and abbreviations used at your school.



See groups you and others are members of and learn more about them.


Additional information and resources

We know your students’ online privacy and safety is very important to you. You can find more information on these topics and learn how your school’s IT admin can customize some of these new features in the section below.


Intelligent search for the connected classroom | Bing for Education


Launch Video: https://youtu.be/5y1w0pHNK3w


Microsoft Search in Bing for Education - Adoption Kit [Download link]


  •             Find everything you need for school: A brief overview of Microsoft Search in Bing
  •             Signing in to school: About automatic sign in and how to sign out
  •             What's shared with you: What teachers and students can see
  •             Find web and school results on Bing: The differences and benefits of the All and School pages
  •             Keeping you and your data safe: Our private and safe search experience
  •             Managing access: Controlling access to your files and folders
  •             Learn from anywhere: Finding school results on your mobile device
  •             Training presentation: A PowerPoint deck that explains Microsoft Search in Bing to teachers and students


Microsoft Search in Bing - Admin Essentials Guide [Download link]

(Admin permissions required)


How Microsoft Search in Bing helps keep your info secure

Find what you need with Microsoft Search in Bing


Sign up for our Schoology connector preview

Using connectors from Microsoft Search, schools will have the option to make third-party and other academic content discoverable on Bing.

Our Schoology connector, currently in private preview, allows admins to bring in assignments, courses, and other data from Schoology to Bing. If you would like to sign up to be part of the preview, please fill out this form.

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