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I would love to see some "when to use what" resources you have for some inspiration! I had to update the one we have internally today, and the reality is that this topic never stops trending. Users are still confused... so please tell me WHEN TO USE WHAT?


I found another topic in the community on this but is from 2016. I felt the need of getting some fresh perspective. What is the latest when to use what?


To get started I am sharing here the communication we have in Kellogg. Would love to get your perspectives and your feedback! What app do you think is formal, informal or any tone? What app do you think is slow or fast?


When to use what Kelloggs1.jpgWhen to use what Kelloggs2.jpg



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@Mariel Vargas 

I think I stole the ideas of these from somewhere else but this is what I have used:
What to use when2.PNGWhat to use when.PNG

@Mariel Vargas 


Have you seen these?


Dynamic Periodic Table of Office 365





Which tool when?



@Mariel Vargas Hi. Very nice. What do you mean by slow, fast etc. :) 

I meant the speed of reply. Like Teams is a fast pace application, replies are expected to be asap. Yammer not so much. Does that help? @bobnerland 

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@Mariel Vargas I find this info-graph ideal. Satya spoke about this last Ignite 2019 and it's something that continues to share in the Ignite Tour around the world.   

Hey all! I have been receiving many messages because of this post, so I am back to share my updated version of the communication and one from Cerner, shared over an ignite session:



@Mariel Vargas 


These are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing them.


Thank you for sharing this pictures, it defintely helps to build our own !
This Infographic from Brad Grissom is one of my favorites. Jamie Laporte and Matt Wade have some great stuff as well!



We tried to create a map with user stories and include info on which tools allow for 1) synchronisation, 2) access from any device and 3) sharing with external stakeholders.

Since the map was created in the beginning of the digital transition, we also included links to each tool webpage.

I can't find a relevant infographic from Brad, can you screenshot or link to it?
I still revert to MOCA, I've changed the slide slightly for our org depending on what we have switched on / off but there's no beating it in my book when it comes to explaining the WHY of the diff tools - the CONTEXT and helping people understand - that helps with behaviour change. There is a session on it 20 Aug 2020 here and also a webpage here

@Marianne Kjaer Thanks so much.
Yes, I've seen and used this one many times before. It helps people understand it's their audience that determines where they should file their stuff.