What's up with Learning Pathways? just about every link returns "Refused to connect"

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Just about every link I add to LP for an internet page, including training/tutorials from Microsoft, I get the "refused to connect" message. I can't find anyone who is addressing comes across as something that no one wants to explain, resolve or discuss. What's the deal? What am I doing wrong by pasting a URL into the asset's URL field?

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@baydiver I've learned that this is a problem that MS needs to correct but hasn't yet. In the meantime, I created my own page, added the Link webpart, insert the page's URL and used that as an asset. Clunky but, from a user point of use, is an adequate workaround.


Bottom line, though, MS needs to make it possible to reference their own content in their one learning tool. :face_with_rolling_eyes:

@Lisa Stebbins @baydiver I am ALWAYS willing to discuss my solution! :) We do not have this issue logged in our formal issues list for Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways at We did have an outage recently which may have impacted your service. We are of course happy to help and our content does work with our own tool! I'm sorry you are frustrated. Per our documentation please post this issue in our GitHub list and our technical support team can follow up on the issue and with you directly.

If all else fails, ping me on LinkedIn but my support team should be able to resolve the problem. If you have a GitHub profile please let me know and we can continue this over there.