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Does Microsoft or not offer the User Adoption Specialist Certificate? I went to the website and they said it was on hold. Does anyone know where I can earn this certificate?



Thank you.

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 Thanks @Graham_McHugh 


I finished the course last night, but there is no place to obtain the certificate.. I looked into Ed.Org but it looks like they archived the course unfortunately.




@clawless - the course moved over to Microsoft Learn. The Becoming a Service Adoption Specialist link that was posted by @Graham_McHugh , links to the correct MS Learn course off that site.

Use the Microsoft service adoption framework to drive adoption in your enterprise - Learn | Microsof... 



Glad I found this. I also just took the course through Microsoft Learn, and in the article it mentions to obtain the certificate, you have to also complete the course with edX. I signed up with edX, then took the course there as well, then I found out the program was moved to MS Learn, and they don't offer the certificate from there anymore.

I noticed in Karuana's latest article, she mentions a badge will be rewarded if the email for both MS Learn and the edX are the same. In my case they are, however I signed up for edX after completing the course on MS Learn, so not sure if that will be a concern.

I'm not sure where to obtain the badge that Karuana mentioned. Do any of you?



Hey David,

I just completed the course through MS Learn & was able to find the badges for the courses & the trophy under my 'Profile' & then 'Achievements'. There you will be able to find all the badges or trophies you have earned from the MS courses. They'll show in order of badges first then trophies. :)

True, I did end up seeing that, however this program did offer a certificate through edX, but no longer. It would be nice to still have that. I see others on Linkedin display this course and link the certificate on their profile, just would be nice to be able to do the same.
I totally agree with that!
Hello all.. glad you found the right links to the Microsoft Learn course. The certificate unfortunately was a component of EdX so is no longer available. We are working on some other plans for the course and its associated badging for the future so I'll keep you updated as I have information to share. Thanks for your continued support of the course!
Thanks for the insight Karuana!

@Karuana Gatimu wonderful, thank you for your response.

Thanks Karuana, that's good to hear.

@Karuana Gatimu  Hi.. Is this Adoption Specialist Badge/Certification now available?. 

@Karuana Gatimu 

Also curious to know! I had been intending to take the certification and it's been hard to find out if there are alternatives. Thanks!

I've raised this question in the M365 Champions monthly call, this is their response -

"we're still working on the migration. we've run into a platform issue that's out of our team's control, unfortunately, and are working closely with the partner engineering team to resolve"

Hope this helps, but looks like we're holding tight a lil while longer :)