This Months O365 Champion Call - January 22nd


Hello All & Happy New Year! Reminder that this month's call will be at 8am and 5pm PST on January 22nd. We'll discuss tools/themes for running your Champion program and getting started with Office ProPlus.  We hope to see you there.  


Our newsletter will be sent out next week and within that you'll have the list of topics and other relevant information.  Please let me know here if you signed up at and aren't receiving the newsletter.  

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@Karuana Gatimu 
I'm looking forward to the first call of 2020 :) 

Could you remind me where I can find the calendar booking for this? 
I have the one from last year and according to that, the next meeting will be on wednesday next week. 


Will it be included in the newsletter perhaps? 


Kind Regards
Oliwer Sjöberg

Hi @Karuana Gatimu - I see the ICS calendar shows this is now scheduled for January 15th, as opposed to the stated January 22nd.   Please advise and update if this is correct.  Thanks!

I found the Blog! Yay me! :)

Newbie Question:

Where can we find the link to join the Champion Call or do we need to sign up to it via email first?


@Karuana Gatimu Hello, I can not register for the Office 365 Champions Program
Using the short-link there
Get to Formular-page
Can there not at mandatory field "Country*" Select GERMANY.
Can you please correct this?
Kind regards Frank
P.S.: Register now with Country* Belgium, cause not far from my working place :)

@Karuana Gatimu 

I signed up this morning and have not received the confirmation email.  Two questions for you:

1. I  would like to change my alias from MarkT8155 to my name Mark this possible?

2. I cannot get to the link for the CONVERSATIONAL TEAMS book.  Additionally, how can I order a digital copy as opposed to a paperback.


Thank you!

Mark Tarone


I was unable to adequately list Antigua and Barbuda as my country. I chose Trinidad and Tobago. What do I need to do to add Antigua and Barbuda to the list of countries? @Karuana Gatimu 

@Karuana Gatimu, the calendar invite shows for today and not next week.  Which is a shame as I could make today but not next week and with my schedule might not get the time to see the recording. :sad:

@Jeffrey Allen I posted the question earlier in this thread to @Karuana Gatimu as well.  I now just manually updated what I got from the ICS file posted and moved it to January 22nd, as it does seem that it truly is the 22nd now, since the meeting is not active.  :( 

@Patrick Drews, I saw that and gave you a like but also wanted to post a comment so she knows.  Hopefully a more updated invite will come out.

@Karuana Gatimu 

I signed up last year and never saw a newsletter. Also, I've downloaded the latest calendar link but the only meeting I see in Outlook is the one for Feb. I have checked for Jan, March etc. and I am not seeing them displayed. Would love your help. Thank you.


I'm a newbie as well and just can't seem to find the link to sign-up for the Jan 22nd.
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@Patrick Drews - thanks much Patrick!! 

@cindyzuelke67  Same. I downloaded the calendar appointments for Outlook and they still say today is the day for the meeting. Going to assume they will be at the same time next week and try to get on then using the same link.


@Karuana Gatimu 

Hello Karuana, 

I am not receiving the email or really any notifications regarding adoption. Thank you for reaching out. After several attempts of signing up for this and the adoption community, I though it was just me.

@Karuana GatimuI've signed up for the Champions program but I'm not receiving any newsletter?


And I'm not getting alerted when the monthly meeting dates change??

Tuned in now for the first O365 Webinar of 2020 and using Microsoft Teams Beta under Ubuntu Linux for the first time ever

@Karuana Gatimu Hi Karuana,  I have signed up but I am not receiving the emails.  I would like to be more in the loop as we are starting to kick off our program now.

Thank You

Gail Quinlan