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This section seems to not show all available content: 
Could you please inform me where else I can find Teams tips & tricks. 

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@nadjah2019 Seems to be broken. You can also check for Quick start guides and other training 

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All the Office tips & tricks are missing at the moment -- either something went wrong or they're being updated -- not sure. Hopefully, they'll be back soon.


Meanwhile, I've attached a couple of files that I had downloaded -- Teams Cheat Sheet and Teams Quick Start -- they're older but I think there's still some useful info in them.


You'll also find lots of resources here: 



Thank you @Graham McHugh

Thank you @Faiza Qadri!

It's been offline for about a week now that I can tell. I let our Microsoft contact know, but he didn't alert anyone it seems.



It would appear that tips & tricks have been replaced with Microsoft Tips.


  1. Go to Office Help & Training:
  2. Click on an app -- say Word, Excel, or Teams, for example. (FYI, not all of the apps have tips right now.)
  3. Click on Tips for "App Name" (the app you chose)
  4. You will arrive at Microsoft Tips: 

Up on the top left of the Microsoft Tips home page (near the Microsoft logo) there's a "Browse tips" menu with links to various categories of tips including "Workplace." I don't see any tips for Teams right now, but maybe they'll be added.



@Graham McHugh 


Thanks for the update. Microsoft should have redirected the site or at least put up a note. How odd. 

@Graham McHugh Thanks for the update but there are not any Teams Tips and Tricks which was really helpful for end users.